Top 20 characters of PHASE 5 of the UCM

The UCM has finally started its Phase 5. Below we show a TOP 10 characters that have already been introduced to us and characters that we will surely see shortly

We are at a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking shape after Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. With Kevin Faige’s announcement, where he has implied that they will slow down the production rate, especially series on Disney plus, comes the unequivocal sign that there is a change. As has happened in previous phases, there is already a turn of the helm in this new stage. The Disney+ series have helped us meet new characters, since we must not forget the events of Endgame, in which Iron Man and Captain America, at least Steve’s, will not be the flagships of the franchise. In principle.


From this point on, this article contains spoilers for the series broadcast and the movies.
prior to Quantumania. Wanda Vision, Falcón and the Winter Soldier, Loki, She Hulk, Miss Marvel, Hawkeye, Moon Knight… are just the start of a wave of new characters. without forgetting Eternals, Shang Chi, the new Black Panther or Iron Hearth. The fan has opened and there is no turning back.

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1.- Young Avengers: In WandaVision we saw Wiccan Ya Speed, the children of the Scarlet Witch who triggered the events seen in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. In the latter, we were introduced to america chavez (Xochitl Gomez). In Loki, to a Kid Loki (Jack Veal) who looks set to reappear to join the younger Avengers franchise. In Hawkeye, a new and talented archer appeared, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). without forgetting Patriot (Elijah “Eli” Bradley), who we have been able to meet in Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Miss Marvel brought us Kamala, although it doesn’t look like she’s going to be part of the Young Avengers, since in the comics she’s part of another group of superheroes: The Champions. In She Hulk, we’ve been introduced to skaarthe son of the Hulk, which is strange, since the presence of hulking It is more than necessary to complete the group. And finally, in Ant Man Quantummanía, they have introduced us, with suits and all, to height (Kathryn Newton). We will have to see how they plan to put them together. Its appearance is intuited in Vision Questproject already announced.

young avengers

YOUNG AVENGERS or the young avengers are presented as the alternative to a new group within the ucm. Will their leader be Spiderman or Sam Wilson’s Captain America?

2.- THUNDERBOLTS. Although the supposed official formation has already been presented, it smells like a cheat. In the following post you can see the formation that we will see for sure, but it is evident that it is incomplete: THUNDERBOLTS OFFICIAL LINE UP. Venom is more than likely to be added, as well as General Ross’s Red Hulk.


3.- HULKA or SHE HULK. It is undoubtedly the series that has raised the most controversy, of those broadcast by Disney+, but without a doubt the best thing that this production has left us is the character of a Hulk with humor and more powerful than the “nerfed” Hulk of the UCM.

4.- NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA. Sam Wilson hasn’t hung up the wings of his Falcon, but he has embraced the shield and the Stars and Stripes suit. He will undoubtedly be a protagonist in Phase 5, and it would not be surprising if he appears in several of the announced projects.

5.- MOON KNIGHT. The character magnificently played by Oscar Isaac is one of the great unknowns of Phase 4. They have presented it to us, but beyond Blade, it is not intuited in which other productions it may have a leading role. One of the great unknowns that may be revealed with Midnight Sons. And we’re not talking about the game.

6.- THE BLACK KNIGHT. In the Eternals post credits scene, we could see Kit Harington’s character wielding Excalibur, and that is no coincidence. We’ll see him teaming up with, perhaps, Moonknight or in a future British metahuman project.

Kit Harington - Black Knight (featured)

7.- HOBGOBLIN. This is a theory more than a reality, but the fact that Ned Leeds could open portals like nothing is no coincidence. In the comics, he ends up being a deranged Hobgoblin, which could be just the turn of the mill Spider-Man needs.


8.- ADAM WARLOCK. At last. His arrival is more than announced in the third installment of The Guardians of the Galaxy, after his appearance in the post-credit scenes of Marvel’s galactic franchise. His character is powerful, he is intuited as the common thread of the galactic line of the UCM.

Adam Warlock - MCU - Guardians of the Galaxy 3- James Gunn

9.- NAMOR. His appearance in Wakanda Forever makes him the perfect candidate to open the doors to new events. The search for Vibranium is not going to be forgotten, and the strength shown by Tenoch Huerta is only the beginning of the Illuminati, whom by the way, we have already seen in the multiverse.

10.- MONICA RAMBEAU. It will appear in The Marvels, a film that has been relegated to November 2023. Its presence is unknown, since it would not be the first time that Marvel Studios gives a minor comic book character a more important presence in upcoming events.


In La Casa de EL there are already several theories about a series of characters that we will soon have on the big screen, below is a short summary.

1.- THE FANTASTIC FOUR. All fans of the UCM and the comics they are adapting want their inclusion on the big screen, the turn it will take remains to be seen. We’ve already seen Mister Fantastic in the alternate universe of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, but he doesn’t look like he’s the same actor, nor does he have so little prominence. With a movie announced, his appearance is a matter of time. and with them will come DOCTOR DOOM Almost certainly, but sooner. His arrival is necessary.

Fantastic four

2.- WOLFLY AND THE MUTANTS. Madripoor has been presented as a living city in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, not by chance, it is usually one of good old Logan’s favorite places. Even with his announced presence in Deadpool, it sounds like we’ll see more than one version of not only the Wolverine we’ve been waiting for, but also several of the mutants. For a start, Kamala is a mutant and Mantis, as well as Starlord’s sister, too. For now, as far as we know.

3.- WONDERMAN. It sounds in all the pools, in the following article, details of the character: Wonderman naked.

4.- SENTRY. It can and should be the villain of the Thunderbolts, there are pools of who it will be, but Henry Cavill sounds very strong after his dismissal from DC. WHO IS SENTRY?

5.- BLADE. Although it is in the air, it is one of the most anticipated films in the UCM, but a sea of ​​doubts surrounds it. Blade the vampire slayer.

6.- NEW. His journey in the comics and the announcement of a special for Disney + make his appearance evident, which will surely arrive in SECRET INVASION. If you don’t know who Nova is, here’s a preview: The new Nova.

7.- DEADPOOL. It was the first acquisition of Marvel Studios, but since that image of Deadpool on the way to the Disney castle, no more has been known. Now, we already know that the third installment along with Wolverine is on the way. After what was seen in the Deadpool 2 post-credits, anything is possible.

Deadpool 3 - UCM - Marvel Universe - Ryan Reynolds - Multiverse

8.- SILVER SURFER. If we have the fantastic 4, we have the Silver Surfer. It is the sum of the obvious. The question is whether we will see him again as the herald of Galactus or if, for a change, Kevin Faige and his minions give the character a twist.

9.- CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND ALPHA TROOP. Captain Carter has appeared in Wath If and in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It is no coincidence, just as it is no coincidence that superhero groups will not be something exclusive to the US. A British group is intuited (Excalibur), where their leader is none other than Captain Britain. Therefore, a alpha troop Canadian it is not unreasonable to intuit it. Not surprisingly, Wolverine was part of them.

10.- THE PHOENIX FORCE. We have not seen it, but in the two XMEN franchises it has had not only a presence, but a leading role. In neither of the two has she lived up to the comics, and that with the UCM is going to change. Surely we will see events closer to the comics, relating it to the galactic line rather than to the mutants, and that will be appreciated.

Article Cinema, Deadpool, Wolverine, The Fantastic 4, UCM

And to you? What characters would you like to see (finally) introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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