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Exorcist: Faithful resurrects one of the greatest classic horror films from the producers Bloomhouse, Morgan Creek Entertainment And Rough House Photos, in alliance with Universal for distribution and David Gordon Green, director of the final trilogy halloween night, Behind the cameras.

Not without bad milk, exorcist In theaters in North America, it was shown on Christmas dates, or rather, the day after Christmas, December 26, 1973. William Friedkin novel adaptation William Peter Blatty it didn’t take long to become huge box office phenomenon which has spread all over the planet (it arrived in Spain only in September 1975), also a reference title and, for many, the most terrifying film ever made. And, of course, very young Linda Blair The 14-year-old girl became one of the genre’s greatest icons thanks to her heroine Regan, an obsessed girl.

Of course, this spawned sequels. Failed, and some even claimed they had more than one suitor or scholar, like Exorcist 2: Heretic from John Boreman (1977) and Exorcist III Directed by the same author of the novel, William Peter Blatty, it flopped at the box office. Then we had to wait until this century with The Exorcist: The Beginning director Renny Harlin in 2004 and Exorcist: Beginning. banned version since 2005 with version Paul Schroeder, the director originally chosen for this prequel and later replaced by Harlin. Except from the Fox serieswhich lasted only two seasons, in 2016 and 2017.

But the curse continued to haunt every sequel, prequel or reboot. Nobody has made significant progress. and all of them were even met with terrible reviews. And in order to try to overcome this trouble and, by the way, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Friedkin’s film, a new attempt will be made. Exorcist: Faithful.

“The Exorcist: Faithful”: trailer

There’s a new trailer for the movie that will further fuel your nightmares.

“Where our daughters came from, they brought something with them” warns us one of the parents of two girls obsessed the first trailer released by Universal.

Synopsis for “The Exorcist: The Faithful”

Film about direct continuation from the famous film of the seventies, which takes place decades after the events that took place in it. Official synopsis with script signed by director David Gordon Green himself along with Peter Sattler (Camp Roentgen with Kristen Stewart), tells us that after the death of his pregnant wife in the earthquake in Haiti twelve years ago, Victor Fielding she took over the care of her only daughter, Angela.

But when Angela and her friend Katherine disappear into the woods for three days, and when they return, they don’t remember what happened to them. A series of events unfolds that will force Victor to the brink of evil. Desperate and horrified, he decides to ask for help from Chris McNeil, the only person to have witnessed something like this.

“The Exorcist: The Faithful: Cast”

The father of the new obsessed girl, Victor Fielding, is played by Leslie Odom Jr.Winner of the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Hamilton in 2016 and nominated for an Oscar as a supporting actor for the film One night in Miami… And by embodying the new “Regan”, obsessed girls, we will have Lydia Jewett And Olivia Marcum.

Lydia Jewett in The Exorcist: The Faithful

Jewett – Angela, participated in hidden figures or Black Panther and, among the latter, Eve and baby or fairy tales at duskproduced by Sam Raimi, from both Netflix and the series good girls, also from Netflix. While Oliva Marcum plays her friend Katherine in his acting debut

However, one of the greatest incentives will be the opportunity to see the adult protagonist of the original 1973 film again. Ellen Burstyn reprises the role of Chris McNeil, an actress whose career was cut short by what happened to her daughter five decades ago. Ellen was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in the film. exorcist (the statuette he will receive next year for Alice doesn’t live here anymore Martin Scorsese).

Ellen Burstyn in The Exorcist: Faithful

Also in the cast Ann Dowd (Agreement), Jennifer Nettles (Harriet: In Search of Freedom), Raphael Sbarge (a series A long time ago…) or E.J. Bonilla (Twins).

“The Exorcist: Faithful”: release date

Date of issue in theaters This time it is scheduled not for Christmas dates, but closer to Halloween. In the US, for fear taylor swift, The release of the film in theaters has been postponed to October 6, but for now in Spain it remains on the day planned from the very beginning: Wednesday, October 11, will be the date of its premiere.

new trilogy

The plan is that Exorcist. Believer places to the trilogythough both sequels may not be released on the big screen again, but instead released directly on Universal’s Peacock platform.

David Gordon Green himself has confirmed that he is developing a trilogy, and along with the release of the first trailer, the release date for the second part was also announced. will have a name Exorcist: Deceiver and he will come April 18, 2025.

Posters for the film “The Exorcist: The Faithful”

In conclusion, we also recall the first three advertising posters Exorcist. Believer developed in terrifying black and white.

Poster for the film “The Exorcist: The Faithful”
Poster for the film “The Exorcist: The Faithful”
Poster for the film “The Exorcist: The Faithful”

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