Travis Barker goes crazy with the new look of Kourtney Kardashian

While millions of fans and fanatics find themselves enraged with Travis Barkerafter the cancellation of the Blink-182 tour in Mexico and Latin America, the drummer enjoys the honeys of his marriage because, although he has always been very effusive when sharing his love for kourtney kardashian it is about, the musician is fascinated with the new look of his wife who dyed her hair blondit looks beautiful!

It is not new that the Kardashian sisters impose fashion, in fact, since Kourtney, the oldest of all, opted for a bob cut, after decades of wearing long hair, this style of wearing hair has become a trend and this morning The businesswoman surprised us with a radical change in look, since she has now become the blondest of all her sisters.

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Despite the fact that most of the Kardashian Jenners have dark hair, all of them have undergone long days of bleaching to achieve very light blonde tones, all except Kourt, who throughout her life as a public figure has always been characterized by preserving her natural hair color and only in the early seasons of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” did we witness her add a few discreet brown highlights to her hair.

For this reason, social networks were shocked when the 43-year-old star shared a series of photos of her new look. In the snapshots, she can be seen wearing a leatherette outfit, a material she has been betting on lately that was tied with ribbons along her entire torso. The outfit was loaded with a series of stud belts that highlighted her alternative style, which it began to be more evident after beginning her relationship with Travis Barker.

Photo: Instagram

It is already customary to see the couple, who is just a few months away from celebrating a year of marriage, walking through the streets with outfits where leather, animal print, rock band t-shirts and studs predominate and now, Kourt has opted to increase her rock style one more level because, as she herself shared in one of her Instagram stories, she was inspired by the way Drew Barrymore used her hair during the 90s, a reference to the grunge style of that time. .

In fact, another of the details that the businesswoman shared on her networks was that her friend, the tiktoker Addison Rae, was the one who encouraged her to change her hair color and although, as we already mentioned, we had never seen her with hair of that tone , Kourtney also published previously unpublished photos of her 17 years, when she had very blonde hair.

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Photo: Instagram

For his part, Kourt’s husband, Travis Barker, who underwent surgery a few days ago after fracturing one of his fingers, seems to be fascinated with Kourtney’s new appearance, as he has already shared different publications of the star’s new look. of the reality shows, in which both appear walking hand in hand, while he watches her and smiles, in the vicinity of the T-Mobile Arena, where they showed up to witness a boxing match in Las Vegas last night.

Khloé Kardashian is one of her sisters who has already reacted to her new look, expressing how surprised she is and how fascinated she is by how beautiful she looks.

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