Travis Scott gets in trouble after punching a stranger

Kylie Jenner’s ex, Travis Scott, has starred in a new controversy, due to a fit of rage against a stranger whom he punched in the face while at a well-known New York City nightspot, Police sources informed the ‘Page Six’ portal. In addition, they revealed that the rapper caused $12,000 (about 11,300 euros in exchange) in damage to his work team.

According to the aforementioned media, the police responded to a call from the famous Nebula nightclub, located in Midtown in New York, stating that the famous rapper had staged a heated argument with a local sound engineer. During the course of the call, it was explained to the police that the argument had quickly escalated and was no longer just a verbal altercation, but had become something physical. And although the victim had no notable facial injuries, the police took their statements and those of other witnesses who had witnessed Scott’s assault.

As has been disclosed, the father of Kylie Jenner’s children had had a strong episode of uncontrollable anger at the local, for which he destroyed a video screen and one of the disco’s loudspeakers before fleeing the premises in a car that could not be identified. Likewise, ‘Page Six’ reported that for the moment Travis Scott has not been arrested for the incident, but a complaint has already been filed against him that is being analyzed by Scott’s legal team. “While this is clearly a misunderstanding that has been exaggerated by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve it and get the matter settled,” said the rapper’s attorney, Mitchell Schuster. In addition, he indicated that social networks had taken everything “out of proportion”, so he is confident that Travis “will be cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Travis Scott wreaked havoc at a nightclub by entering drunk

Although Scott’s lawyer stated that it was all a “misunderstanding”, the truth is that a witness who was at the premises stated that the rapper “came in angry and drunk and progressively became more and more crazy (…) His T-shirt read: ‘Back the fuck up. It’s like he’s ready for battle. It was an omen,” said the informant. In fact, That same phrase is what Scott said to one of the technicians with whom he discussed that night, as can be heard in a video that has been leaked. Also, another source says that the sound technician lowered the volume of the speaker because it was “maximum and distorted” and that was when Travis “approached the sound technician and yelled very aggressively in his face for having lowered the volume.” sound. And then he punched her in the face,” he recalled.

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