Travis Scott stars in a large-scale altercation at a New York club

Travis Scott credit: Bang Showbiz

Travis Scott credit: Bang Showbiz

The rapper Travis Scott, father of two children with the television star Kylie Jenner, would have caused a striking incident at the Nebula club in New York last Wednesday, as can be seen from various testimonies echoed by the local press and, above all, a police report.

The hip hop star, according to several witnesses, appeared on stage to share a brief musical number with his partner and good friend Don Toliver, who gives weekly performances at the venue. However, the famous interpreter was visibly altered from the beginning and apparently in a state of drunkenness, according to the same story. At one point, Travis would have lost his temper and would have gone furiously at a 52-year-old sound engineer, to whom he would have reproached certain problems with the volume to end up punching him in the face.

According to the police report to which the Page Six news portal has had access, “the assaulted person did not complain of pain and has no visible injuries at the time of this evaluation.” This professional would have tried to settle the matter immediately, refusing to personally take legal action against the singer. In any case, the authorities were able to verify in situ that the rage allegedly displayed by Travis had also claimed material victims: a screen, a speaker and other devices whose combined value would reach $12,000.

Curiously, the altercation has not led to any arrests, but the New York Police Department is not ruling out making arrests as the investigation unfolds. Some statements collected by the aforementioned media, as well as by the British tabloid Daily Mail, show the level of chaos that broke out that night; and they all point to the fact that the responsibility in the facts corresponds to the one who was a partner of Kylie Jenner, from whom he recently separated again after several months of estrangement.’

“Travis arrived very angry at the site, and little by little he began to go crazy. It is as if he had come with a desire for war,” an insider revealed to Page Six. “He was disgusted with the sound quality of the club. Ten minutes after going on stage, he stormed into the technician. He started yelling at him and then punched him in the face. There was a lot of commotion and a lot of trouble between Travis’s bodyguards and the security of the disco”, assures another source.

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