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At the direction Regional Governor of La Libertad, Cesar Acuña, Trujillo Health Network introduced the provincial action plan “Golden Childhood for a Province with a Future”, which proposes to close gaps in care for children under the age of 5, and develop effective programs for the prevention and treatment of anemia and malnutrition.

David Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, director of the Trujillo Health Network, stressed: “Anemia and malnutrition are not just numbers in a report, they are real problems that affect our children, limiting their potential and future. With the Golden Childhood for a Province with a Future action plan, we aim to change this reality and ensure a healthy start in life for all.”

The La Esperanza area ranks first in cases of malnutrition and anemia with 605 children under the age of 5, representing 21.3%. Next comes El Porvenir with 551 children (39%), while Metropolitan Trujillo has 461 sick children (17.5%). In fourth place is the Moche region with 216 babies. In the province of Trujillo, 2518 children under the age of 5 are anemic, 1720 of them recover.

The main goals of the plan are to reduce childhood anemia and combat malnutrition, which is 7% in the province of Trujillo, for this reason the support of key actors such as Together, Pronis, development and social inclusion management follow the strategies.

The work plan of the Trujillo Health Network consists of face-to-face care (outpatient consultations, nursing, medicine, nutrition, psychology), remote care (children’s health show intended for children under the age of 5, supervised by health professionals, in coordination with the municipalities, Midis and the regional government) and monitoring children under 5 at home to ensure they have access to quality health and education services.

A themed children’s show is scheduled for August 26 at the Inca Roca Sports Center in El Porvenir at 14:00 with medical services such as vaccinations for children under 5 years old, nutrition, elimination of anemia, CRED care, early stimulation and demonstration of iron-rich foods.

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