Unpublished wedding photo album of Edurne and David de Gea.

Edurne and David de Gea, their most intimate wedding shotsinstagram

  • Edurne shares unprecedented moments from her wedding to David de Gea

  • The Got Talent judge made it clear that this intimate album is part of the best weekend of her life.

Edurne and David de Gea They are happy and continue to remember what they experienced on their wedding day as if it were yesterday. The couple continues to be emotionally hungover from what they endured over the weekend, which both the couple and guests have described as “irresistible”. The event about which the play is now ‘have talent‘took out part of his unpublished photo album to show his followers a small part of some of these intimate moments.

The newlyweds are still in the cloud and, if it was already generous of them to go out to the media to announce the news and see their happy faces, now the singer has taken another step forward, remembering what she has already described. How “best weekend of my life”.

Loving and happy, we were able to see the couple in some of these pictures where naturalness prevails in the pose. This is how Edurne appears smiling on the arm of David de Gea in one of them or in dance time in which the embracing newlyweds kiss, and through the microphone held by the Got Talent judge, there was apparently even an interpretation of the singer.

Entrance of the bride and groom to the banquet, V live music from the orchestrato that which entertained the celebration, or even the moment in which Edurne appeared, jumping on a zipline.… These are just some of the moments that the artist has now wanted to share with her followers on her networks. He emphasizes the moment of the foam party after the word “Yes”.

Edurne and David De Gea pose for the press after their wedding in Menorca: “We are happy”

All of this made this wedding hard to forget due to everything the singer and football player put on to celebrate their love in public. Deploying your media for a holiday that lasted three days and where they have gone from classic milestones to live at a fair with gymnastics and a quest, this year they hit the top of the holidays.

The truth is that their wedding was the finishing touch to love story over twelve years in which marriage knew happiness after birth of daughter Yanai and learn from each other. The loving and happy couple will continue to add new adventures. Edurne has already announced this after revealing that footballer will not continue his career at Manchester United.

A new phase beginsand we will continue together hand in hand wherever life wants to take us, ”the Got Talent judge wrote that she could not be more proud and happy for everything he’s been through lately.

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