Using Your Sex Toys You Probably Didn’t Know About

For hundreds of years female masturbation It was a taboo subject. And although female self-gratification is now something culturally acceptable, sex toys continue to be heavily stigmatized. It is for this reason that most people are unaware of the many uses other than female genital stimulation. And for this reason the team Lavhoni Group, an expert company in the field of pleasure technology, has compiled a list of features that sex toys can have if we use them on other parts of the body. Here we discover the versatility of vibrators and suction cups in the field of well-being.

facial spa

How many times have you been told about facial yoga and other methodsstrengthen facial muscles To prevent and combat skin aging, Lovehoney Group suggests using the vibrations of your vibrator For promote muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

After applying the moisturizer, clean the toy well and swipe it over your face at a low intensity – remember that the face is a delicate area. You will get fresh and rejuvenated skin. Enjoy spa treatments without leaving your home.

Relieves headaches and sinusitis.

The same toy can be used for relieve all kinds of headachesfor example, caused by stress, migraine or sinusitis. “Vibration in certain areas of the face can loosen sinus blockages and help you breathe better,” say experts from a leading pleasure technology company.

They, I recommend using smalltravel size as it will provide feeling like a fingertip. If you run it over the upper area between the eyebrows and forehead, it will help you relieve tension from a headache.

Full body massage with pressurized water jets

One of the unique sex toys of this brand is shower head with a specific design for female pleasure. Its numerous jets deliver incomparable pleasure thanks to water pressure.

This type of toy, which can also be replaced with a regular high pressure shower head, can be used to relieve menstrual cramps, muscle cramps and back pain. And also to stimulate any other part of the body in which you feel especially tired or in which you experience pain.

The beauty of the Lovehoney Group shower head, dubbed the Womanizer Wave, is that it uses eco-smart technology to save up to 60% more water than a traditional shower head.

Relieves tension in the upper back

Another sexy object that you can put on your bedside table is butt plug Did you know that it can also be used as a massager? Indeed, “they have size and power

ideal to be able to use them for a good massage of the muscles of the upper back and shoulders.”

Being small, they are easy to handle and They allow the vibration to be focused at certain points. Ideal for correcting incorrect gestures and pain caused by poor posture and prolonged use of the computer. However, if you are injured, be sure to check with your doctor before trying these inventions.

suck your nipples

Finally, the sex toy brand suggests using clitoris to please the nipples. “Adjust your suction level and experience the sensitivity of this erogenous zone, which can lead to full sexual arousal.” Whether alone or with a partner, they make sure it’s worth a try.

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