Velvet magazine | Amanda Seyfried opens up about her biggest beauty mistake

We all make a beauty mistake at some point in our lives. And even Hollywood stars are not immune from the same. Here’s how he revealed it Amanda Seyfried.

The 37-year-old actress spoke about the beauty trend of the 90s, which she would like to abandon. “In school, I plucked my eyebrows too much for one to become full again”revealed by Glamour.

Now that years have passed, Seyfried knows better how to take care of his eyebrows. And he admitted that caring for them is beauty priority within your daily life.

“Sometimes my eyebrows are too light to be seen. Highlight and appreciate character traits that I already have are key“Said the actress, who every day makes sure that her eyebrows were in “great shape”.

Seyfried isn’t the only actress who recently opened up about her eyebrows. Early last week Charlize Theron showed that if he could go back in time, he would let the same tendency pass.

When asked in an interview with InStyle about her biggest beauty regret, she replied, “Definitely ’90s stiff brows.” And added: “I’m still recovering from that.”

However, despite the warnings of many stars, thin eyebrows seem to be back, and figures like Gigi Hadid revives the trendmaking way for a new generation whose history may repeat itself.

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