Vicky Martin Berrocal reveals how her unexpected meeting with Michael Jordan went

Vicky Martin Berrocal and Michael JordanEurope Press | Cord Press

  • Vicky Martin Berrocal had the opportunity to chat with Michael Jordan for a few seconds.

  • The designer told in detail how the meeting with the former basketball player went

Chance played an unexpected card, uniting Michael Jordan And Vicki Martin Berrocal in one meeting. No one could have thought that at some point in their lives two such different personalities would intersect. The designer, who is in Cannes for a few days, decided to go to the restaurant ‘La Guerite’, not having the slightest suspicion that she would meet the idol of her youth in this place.

Vicky Martin Berrocal met with Michael Jordan in Cannesinstagram

“Yes, what you see is true. He’s going to give me something! The idol of my youth is sitting at the next table, ”he shared a photo of the former basketball player before telling. How was your meeting: “I’m going to tell you something that I don’t even know how to say. When I was a kid and a teenager, I was a diehard Michael Jordan fan, I used to get up to watch his games. I thought that I would never meet him, and not that I met him, but that he shook my hand, he kissed my hand … I mean, I’m in shock.

Vicky Martin Berrocal meets Michael Jordan in photosinstagram

In support of her testimony, Vicki attached a recording in which she appears approaching the table, at which there was an American athlete and chat for a few seconds With. “I leave you here the moment I met him. This will definitely be one of the greatest moments of my life,” she admitted, unusually excited.

Michael Jordan kissed the hand of Vicky Martin Berrocal

In addition, seeing the great interest that this unexpected meeting arouses among his followers, he decided to share the details of their brief conversation: “I tell you because you asked me a lot. He gave me his hand and kissed it (all gentlemen). I told him that it was a dream and a pleasure to meet him… and I ended by saying: God bless you! It came from my soul.”

Vicky Martin Berrocal reveals how his meeting with Michael Jordan wentinstagram

We can say that Michael Jordan had the opportunity to closely observe the new image of the Spaniard. In the same week, a few days before this meeting, the businesswoman shared the reaction of her surroundings on her social networks after the transformation with comments.

Berrocal, known for her long hair, went to a beauty salon to freshen up her looks. Delighted by what she saw in the mirror, she called on her stylist to give her hair a good cut, achieving bob haircut what I wanted “So what?” Alba Diaz asked her mother when she saw the result, adding to her opinion the revealing “she’s gone crazy.” Her sister Rocío, shocked, raised her hands to her face in surprise.

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