Victoria Beckham wears stylish yellow Crocs Viral boots

Rumored to be in 2021. Victoria Beckham received a package from Crocs, it was a model lavender color created by Justin Bieber in collaboration with the brand. The businesswoman and fashion designer reportedly said, “I think I’d rather die first.”

This may have been the last time Bieber sent him Victoria Beckham a gift from her fashion line with Drew House. However, in recent years, even the most strict figures in the fashion world have succumbed to provocations. plastic clogs the most comfortable in the world.

As we know, Crocs it is a cult shoe among gardeners and nursing assistants; but fashion designers like Demna have been hard at work reshaping the look of these shoes for years, to the point where even Victoria Beckham seems to have forgotten her own fashion rules.

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Victoria Beckham Finally Wears Crocs With These Yellow MSCHF Boots

Last night, Victoria Beckham she donned a version of the giant knee-high yellow plastic boots that went viral all over the internet. In recent days, even Colombian singer Maluma and businesswoman Paris Hilton have worn this model.

The giant “Croot”, as they’ve been dubbed (a play on words between the famous plastic clogs and the word “boot” in English), is the creation of the MSCHF brand, which took ideas that could be considered memes and brought to real life.

So far, they have created micro bags, Birkenstock clogs in collaboration with Herm├ęs, and Nike x Lil Nas. All of these exclusive limited edition garments were sold for thousands of dollars.

These fashion rarities also join the so-called “wrong shoes” theory, an aesthetic formula that advocates wearing the most ridiculous shoes in the closet to break the formalities and look more avant-garde. These boots are a continuation of the VB look with peep toe boots and mesh panty shoes, even in the heat of summer.

Perhaps the former Spice Girl has decided to break her strict rules when it comes to fashion. Although one thing is for sure, no matter what she wears, Victoria Beckham manages to give her the look of incredible elegance. Her tailored black dresses and dark sunglasses are the only elements that won’t change.

Although years before Victoria Beckham the phrase “I never smile, I have a very big responsibility in the fashion industry” was attributed to him, this image (enjoying a summer night to the fullest) helps us confirm that the rumors are not true.

Victoria Beckham He has a sharp sense of humor and a cheerful disposition, which allows him to always enjoy every moment (even the simplest ones).

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