VIDEOS | With this comment Rihanna raised Anne Hathaway’s self-esteem when she needed it most

Despite the fact that women are beautiful regardless of their size or other physical characteristics, many times the stereotypes imposed by society make even great models and actresses feel insecure about their bodies, for which words of encouragement from his companions are comforting, as he made clear Anne Hathaway when talking about how she was supported by actresses who, like her, starred in “Ocean’s 8”.

At the beginning of the recordings of said project, whoever was the protagonist of “The Devil Wears Fashion” she felt insecure about her body, having gained a little weight after giving birth to her first child, Jonathan Rosebanks, in 2016, the year filming began for “Ocean’s 8”.

Therefore, taking advantage of an interview that was conducted on the occasion of the premiere of the film in June 2018, Anne Hathaway She confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that she entered the recording set one day a little insecure about her new appearance, a feeling that faded thanks to the comments from her colleagues, especially the one she made Rihanna.

This is how Rihanna raised Anne Hathaway’s self-esteem

“I was a bit insecure and even though the director insisted that nothing was wrong, that she wanted all kinds of women and bodies in the film, my colleagues must have made me notice because one day I entered the set wearing my jeans and Suddenly Sandra Bullock looks at me and says: ‘you look very pretty, mommy'”, she began to recount the protagonist of “The Princess Diaries”.

And although this comment was already encouraging enough for Anne HathawayThis was not the only compliment that her body received that day, because after the protagonist of “The Proposal” cheered her up, it was Cate Blanchett who ended up making her feel in the clouds by saying “Nice jeans, hathaway“.

However, and although he did not take credit for these comments, it was actually Rihanna who raised the self-esteem of the actress of “Les Miserables” to the maximum highlighting the curves of the award-winning actress, who couldn’t believe the pop star thought that of her.

After Rihanna’s comment, Hathaway no longer felt insecure about her body during filming

“So Rihanna He shows up and says ‘My gosh girl, you’ve got a great ass!’ and of course I was about to freak out and was like ‘really?’ and she said, ‘You’ve got a butt like me,’ and I can honestly say that I’ve never had an experience like that on set before,” she said. Anne Hathaway.


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