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From the moment you find out you are pregnant or will become father, the nerves will surface almost immediately and you will begin to think about what is the perfect name to give your prince or princess. Seems like a simple decision, but it actually takes a lot time and dedication.

Usually, parents follow a trend when choosing the ideal name for their child. What is sought is that within a while you do not end up regretting it and, in extreme cases, hating it.

In that sense, the baby names professional, Steph Cofffieldshared the “best” so far this year and why parents choose to give it that name and not repeat that of a relative or theirs.

Through a video posted on TikTok (@nameswithsteph), the consultant indicated that there is never a loser when it comes to Greek names such as Artemis, Ash and Avani.

“Greek mythology inspired names are so popular right now, this is 100 percent trending,” held.

Meanwhile, another name that is a trend in this 2023 is “Eyre”, especially since the celebrity Kylie Jenner named her son Aire and, curiously, both are pronounced the same.

The consultant released the Top 50 list of the most popular names of this 2023. | Photo capture: nameswithsteph / TikTok

On the other hand, Coffield specified that, after the success of “Wednesday” on Netflix, many parents are naming their children after the series.

But the five names that have become a trend in 2023 are Callahan, Idalia, Miller, Truett and Ziggy.

Just as she believes that Ziggy and Idalia have become very popular, the consultant indicated that Azael, Cielo, Harold and Rocky are some of the names that she does not see as important.

“Wednesday” is one of the most popular names this year. | Photo capture: nameswithsteph / TikTok

the networks burn

The list of the ‘best’ names for this 2023 caused a stir on social networks. Some users stated that many of the names that the professional recommended ended up liking them and possibly they named their children that way.

But there was also another group of Internet users who were outraged by the list of less ‘popular’ names so far. The original video was posted on the @nameswithsteph account and is trending on TikTok.

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