Visual examinations can detect myopia in children

With the return to school, in many cases, children and adolescents have vision problems. In this sense Official Association of Galician Optometrists remember, that refractive error Nearsightedness is the most common among this population, and he encourages children to have a visual inspection to make sure the device is working properly. vision. This will allow them to perform daily tasks such as homework or study smoothly.

myopia It has become an important public health problem worldwide due to its increasing prevalence in recent decades and associated pathologies such as myopia, glaucoma and retinal disinsertion. Currently myopia affects about 30% of the world’s population and is refractive error most common in adolescents and young adults worldwide. It is also the leading cause of preventable blindness in children and adolescents.

Esther Amaro: “Parents rarely know what myopia is and its consequences, so they are even less aware of how the situation usually develops”

This situation will continue to worsen as the disease is expected to affect 4.8 billion people worldwide by 2050. This means that in less than 30 years, about half of the population will be myopic. These numbers that place myopia at the level pandemicled to National College of Optometrists launch a new campaign under the slogan Stop childhood myopia.

myopia This is a problem in health education. Parents rarely know what myopia is and its consequences, so they are even less aware of how the situation usually develops. However, as professionals eye health We know how the problem will develop, and for this reason we must provide information and propose measures to prevent its progression,” he says. Esther Amarothe president Association of Optometrists-Opticists of Galicia.

vision This is one of the most important senses, since it represents 80-90% of the information perceived from the outside. For this reason, it is essential to find vision problems in childhood. In this sense, experts note that, despite the fact that visual system undergoes changes until it reaches maturity, visual checks are important to detect changes in vision or pathologies that may appear in childhood.

Esther Amaro indicates that between visual impairment which may manifest in childhood – amblyopia, myopiafarsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus or refraction changesin addition to binocular problems this can make it difficult, for example, to read.

vision reviews at school age are very important, because school failure associated with the manifestation vision problems. Similarly, an estimated 30% school failure associated with childhood vision problems not found,” the expert adds.

On the other hand, regardless of the importance of creating eye check at the beginning of the school year, opticians-optometrists Galicians note that there are certain signs by which vision problems can be suspected.

Esther Amaro: “Vision testing at school age is very important, as school failure is associated with the manifestation of vision problems”

Among them, the main signs to look out for are head spinning when reading, slight loss of attention, poor vision of the board from afar, distraction. eyeswink eyeget too close to texts, a computer or tablet to read, confuse words, itch in the eyes eyesskipping words or lines while reading, or poor reading comprehension, among other things.

Finally, experts argue that the incidence youthful myopia increases due to the excess number of hours that children devote to digital screens. Thus optometrists Galicians seek increased awareness of the need for moderate rather than excessive use digital technology at school age.

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