Vitinha: Someday I will tell my grandchildren that I was able to play with Messi and Cristiano

Portuguese midfielder Vitinya He was “grateful” for the hard times his team went through. Paris Saint Germainbecause it is they who “allow us to grow.”

“Year of Great Growth”

VitinyaThe 23-year-old told a press conference that last season, his first at the Parque de los Principes, was like a “big year” in which he was able to “grow up a lot”.

“It was a year of great growth, playing at a club outside of my country, at a club as big as PSG, with huge teammates, with an incredible history,” he said. Vitinya at a press conference at the Ciudad del Futbol de Oeiras on the outskirts of Lisbon, where he concentrates on the Portuguese national team.

Campaign tarnished by the Champions League

Vitinya he was proclaimed Ligue 1 champion alongside the Parisians, but the campaign was overshadowed by relegation against Bavaria in the Champions League round of 16, their main goal, which has exacerbated the dissatisfaction of the fans with some of their great stars such as Leo Messi and Neymar Jr.

During this period, “we had everything. We also had difficult moments that allowed us to grow. But now I am grateful to them, because I am ready for what will happen next. Having this level of training at such a young age, “age is only good for me,” explained Vitinya.

vitinya, which coincided with Messi in that PSG and matches Cristiano Ronaldo With the national team, he said he felt “a privilege” to be able to share a dressing room with “two other players. They are two strangers,” he stressed.

“Someday I will tell my grandchildren that I got to play with both of them and that I learned a lot from both of them,” he added.

Slovakia, the next competitor of Kinas

Portugal face next friday Slovakia in Bratislava to qualify for the 2024 European Championship in Germany, which the midfielder described as “the biggest challenge so far” which “will require maximum attention, dedication and quality”.

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Kinas are leading in Group J, and Slovakia is the second. Calendar Portugal also includes a match against Luxembourgthird place on the list, next Monday in Faro.

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