Wanda Nara changed her look and the networks exploded

Without a doubt, Wanda Nara He is going through a time of change and this is reflected in the changes he made to his appearance. After darkening her hair, the media he changed his style again and surprised her followers, who reacted with hilarious comments and even compared her to an Argentine diva.

Installed in Buenos Aires, in mid-January the sister of Zaira Nara published a series of images on his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than 16 million followersand showed the drastic change of look that had been made.

The wife of Mauro Icardiwho recently acknowledged that she reconciled with the soccer player, left behind the blonde color that always characterized her and opted for a brown tone that not only highlights her features, but also the color of her eyes.

Wanda Nara shared a video in which her bangs are cut and generated a lot of expectation in her followers. Instagram.

Now, about to debut as the new host of MasterChef (Telefe), Wanda went for more and was encouraged to make another change: she darkened her hair further and cut her bangs short.

The truth is that the cosmetic businesswoman decided to join a trend that has more and more followers, there are many international celebrities who already wear their new cuts, including Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman and Megan fox.

The influencers He shared a video on his networks in which he can see how two stylists are cutting his hair. But you can’t see the result because she her face is covered with a scarf.

“They won’t let me off the channel”warns Wanda, referring to Telefe, where she will soon be in charge of the cooking competition. “Late”answers the man who has the scissors in his hand.

“Guys, I have a hair contract, I can’t make changes”she insists.

Wanda Nara showed her change of look and the networks exploded. Instagram.

“Cut my tips please,” he wrote next to the video he shared on Instagram and that exceeded 30,000 likes and was filled with comments.

Many thought it was a joke and insisted that it was not the real hair of the media and that she was wearing a wig.

“It’s not real, at least look for something that is the same color as your hair”, “It seems to be a wig to wear on his show”, “Obviously it’s a wig”“That is fake fringe. It’s very fashionable here in Europe.” “It’s artificial hair”“The hairdresser holds the toupee”, “It’s a lie, it’s a lie bangs”, were some of the messages.

The change in the media aroused all kinds of comments. Instagram.

Others asked for photos to see the final result. “Let’s see ? We want to seerrrr”, “We need to see”, “I want to see how it turned out”asked other users of the aforementioned social network.

Finally, the Telefe host shared a series of images and showed how the change turned out. In the photos she is seen with the roots in a dark brown, with lighter tips and wearing a leather shirt.

“Wanda your stylist doesn’t love you”“Like he has a lot of hair on top, what happened to you? Fatal“, “Like what it makes a lot of head I don’t know… the hair doesn’t match the face”“Wig + extensions + curtains = a real chaos”were some of the comments in which they criticized Wanda’s decision.

Wanda shared a story in which she was seen again with long bangs. Instagram.

In turn, many assured that it has a certain resemblance to Moria Casan: “Is that you dying?”, “I don’t know why it reminds me of Moria when I was young”, “The black one does not go! You look like Moria Casan! An illuminated chestnut is ideal”.

Although she did not clarify if it was a wig, everything would indicate that she used false bangs for a photo production. A few hours later, the media shared her stories on her Instagram account and in them she was seen again with slightly lighter hair with longer bangs.

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