Want to know what to eat after a workout? Here is the option

It’s a simple appetizer, but adequate protein intake to help your body after a workout; will be an ally in your goal of a healthy life, as Greek yogurt contains calcium and probioticsincreases immunity, eliminates inflammatory processes in the intestines.

Yogurt too protects against osteoporosis and is an ally of weakened musclesand if you’re lactose intolerant, this is a great option; it also promotes the development of muscle mass.

Granola is a source of protein rich in carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fats for energyIt also stands out for its high calcium content; Best of all, it is a suitable food for everyone, adults and children, athletes, pregnant women, etc.

Raspberries, another ingredient in our appetizer recipe, are rich in antioxidants. improves insulin and blood sugar levels; Finally, add a handful of castile nuts to your daily diet and your body will reap all the benefits, mainly for your brain; These are dried fruits with a lot of fatty acids, omega-3 plant origin and gives you energy.

My recommendation

For this food, it is recommended to always consume the version without sugar and if we want low fat; the preferred time of consumption is breakfast, but you will not have problems if you eat it during lunch or dinner. The recommended intake is 200-250 grams per day.

Recipe for Success

A healthy blend of Greek yogurt with raspberries, granola and walnuts. Ingredients: 250 g Greek yogurt, some milk of your choice, maple syrup (optional), a cup of muesli, raspberries and a handful of walnuts.


Add yogurt and some milk to a bowl mix to get thinner mixture, add maple syrup to taste (optional) then muesli, raspberries and walnuts from Castile, mix. It is ready to use.

The contribution of Greek yogurt

Component 100 gr.

Calorie 145 kcal.

Proteins 5 grams.

Total fat 8 grams.

Saturated 5 gr.

Carbohydrates​14 gr.

Simple sugars 14 gr.

Sodium 42 gr.

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