Want to show more radiant skin without spending money? This is Salma Hayek’s secret.

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Want to show more radiant skin without spending money? Next, we will share one of the greatest beauty secrets used by actress Salma Hayek.

The Mexican is one of the brightest personalities in Hollywood, but despite her importance in the world of entertainment, she had to deal with racism.

The House of Gucci star didn’t let the bad taste in her mouth get the better of her and today lives surrounded by fame and fortune, as well as a wonderful family.

Since 2009, the artist from Veracruz has been married to a French businessman. François-Henri Pinault. As a result of their love, they both had a girl named Valentina Paloma (who is now a teenager).

But not everything was honey on cereal in marriage Salma Hayek: she had to adopt her husband’s illegitimate child.

And the fact is that during a short estrangement from the actress, the millionaire took the opportunity to have an affair with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

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Out of this adventure came Augustin James Evangelista Pinault, born October 11, 2006. He is now 16 years old and lives in New York.

What is the secret of Salma Hayek’s youth?

We have already talked about the details of the personal life of the protagonist of the film “Callejon de los Milagros”. That’s why we’re now turning to your skincare routine.

It turns out that the famous 56 years old, but He has no wrinkles on his face or any markings that betray his age. Moreover, he looks younger than he really is.

In social networks, netizens began to ask about their beauty secrets, to which Salma Hayek answered. Surprisingly, his advice is very easy to implement and costs next to nothing.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the Mexican actress said that she only washed her face before bed. In the mornings, he does not wash his face and clarified that although it is disgusting, it is very effective.

“My grandmother told me never to wash my face in the morning. It’s not disgusting. What happens at night is that your skin produces all the oils it needs to look young. He regenerates,” he admitted.

“So wash your skin well at night, but don’t wash your hard work off of it in the morning,” she said. Salma Hayek on her infallible secret of youth.

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