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Alexis Sanchez seems to have signed his departure from Olympique de Marseille. After months of negotiations, the parties were unable to reach an agreement and the French cast would have already turned down numerous offers that the player turned down.

Now the attacker’s target may be Turkey, where he records the first meetings with Galatasaray, a team that has been looking for him for a long time and fulfills Tocopigliano’s requests. Meanwhile, Marseilles are preparing to forget last year’s figure.

Alexey’s departure will be a strong blow for the Olimpik team, which saw the forward as a reference both on and off the field. In this sense, the search for his replacement has already begun, which is coming to the institution in detail.

Near Pierre Emerick Aubameyangstriker who spent last season at Chelsea and came to fill the vacant place of the Chilean. Sanchez has a history with the Gabonese as he was the one who replaced him after his controversial departure from Arsenal in 2018.

The story of Aubameyang and Sanchez

During the European winter of 2018, the Boy Wonder applied to Arsenal to find a way to Manchester United or City after years as the team’s star. In a controversial deal, the Gunners granted his wish by acquiring Aubameyang instead.

The African, who scored 92 goals for the London team, 12 more than the Chilean, in a good way filled the gap left by Sanchez, and the Arsenal fans began to tease the striker, who added a good quota of goals. “Thank you for leaving Alexis Sanchez. We wouldn’t have Aubameyang if you hadn’t left, ”fans noted a few months later.

“I know Alexis Sanchez is rolling over in his grave wishing he made the same decision,” they said in a vindictive tone after the 2020 Auba update.

Now the same thing could happen in France, because although Sanchez has been released, his departure is still painfully perceived by Fosense fans, who saw Chilitz as a possible captain and leader of the team.

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