“We all have cellulite” – Gualeguaichu Day

Monica Farabello

Self-love talk has gone from being a “motivational fad” to deepening the need to talk about mental health and everything we consume on social media.

The constant bombardment of images of perfect bodies by artificial intelligence and filters that even change the color of our eyes is undoubtedly affecting the views of others and ourselves.

But what happens when this consumer logic is broken and this reality is called into question?

One of the women who dared to discuss this issue was the country’s carnival passist, Noelia Muzo. In a few minutes he brought up the need to talk about insecurities and criticism of other people’s bodies.

“People are very idealizing the passist from Gualeguaychu. They use us as references and I think they think we’re perfect and then when they see you in person they tell you ‘I thought you were taller’ or make comments about your body.” Noelia Ahora Cero Radio.

What exactly did you post on social media that had such an impact?

What I basically did was put up photos I took myself for the Kamarr troupe to sign up for the 2024 edition. I think it’s great that everyone should sign up regardless of their career, but I feel like I’m asking you for a photo My profile and front have expired. I think it would be much more productive if they asked you to dance for 30 seconds, because later on we see hundreds of amazing women, but they only dance for 5 or 6.

I think it would be great if everyone had the same opportunity to go out and dance. In fact, this summer I put together a girl group for the batucada ballet and did not pay attention to women’s bodies; The group was completely heterogeneous, and everyone emphasized our dance; no one said anything about the body of one or the other.

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And what happens to the bodies that are not the hegemons of the Carnival?

They don’t call them. All those women who danced with me said to me: “Thank you for making my dream come true, because I will never be able to dance, because they didn’t give me a costume or they gave me a costume that was covered from nose to floor and sent to carroza.” …or not come out at all.

How does insecurity affect women who are so exposed to physical abuse?

We all have insecurities. I counted looking at myself 60 times before posting anything. I understand that we were all taught to show the best; what happens on instagram is that we show the best face we have.

Now I try to work with this pressure and if there is an error, nothing happens. I’m human and I can make mistakes. It was a message for girls: don’t keep us at the altar because we’re not perfect. If I can, then you can too, because I have no superpowers, and no one sheltered me either. I came from Buenos Aires with a backpack and a photo, and that’s how it stayed.

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Do you feel responsible for communicating on networks with so many followers?

Yes, sure. But before I become a dancer, I am human. For me, the most important thing is to pass it on to my students. I always tell them that dreams come true, no matter how trite it may sound, but it is. You just need to adjust the compass and point it forward.

Now I have 40,000 followers online and it’s nice to leave good messages. For example, last year a Carnival statement was circulated in which I decided not to share where they talked about acceptance and did not criticize the body.

It was shared by 90% of the carnival participants, and then these same people criticize others for having more or less cellulite. So let’s not be hypocritical. To be honest, it seemed to me complete hypocrisy, because a week before this carnival we were all at peace and in love with it, and then criticism rained down.

I want to thank all the people who texted me because when I opened up about my insecurities and said I look at myself 60 times before I post anything, my phone exploded with the amount of people telling me they felt like identified.


Noelia Muzo shone in the 2023 edition before the batucada of the Kamarr comparsa and became more popular thanks to her participation in the Kepersonajes show at the Movistar Arena. Thousands of viewers have shared his videos on all platforms.

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