We found the slim jeans from Zara that are best for short girls this 2023

As one of the biggest novelties, the slim jeans They have positioned themselves as the favorite design of the moment. Proof of this is its leading role in the collections of Spring-Summer 2023where firms such as Givenchy, Alexander McQueen and Diesel (to name just a few), have proclaimed themselves in favor of the return of the slightly skinny jeans, but with the roll straight. In order not to confuse them with the mythical skinny or cropped type, it is necessary to review the lessons of celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowskiwho said goodbye to the wide trousers to opt for pieces that shape your impact figure.

This can only be achieved through the ‘jeans perfect’, those that adjust as necessary to the silhouette, while enhancing or highlighting the areas that we want to be noticed. Because to be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a pair that’s comfortable and flattering? After all, it is not about following a trend, but about finding a model that makes you feel comfortable and confident with yourself, the rest will depend on how you want to combine them.

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However, if you are short, you surely know the challenge that this can be, no matter how many pairs you add to the fitting room, there is always something that does not quite fit: too long, too tight, too wide… The list goes on! and sometimes this can get tiring, especially when you’re excited to experiment with a specific design, such as the slightly skinny jeans that will be in vogue for the rest of the year.

We’ve seen them everywhere, from supermodels wearing them as kendall jenner and gigi hadid even in the street style in the most important fashion capitals. It is a fact that they will be essential in the season, luckily, if you still do not find the ideal one for you, brands with affordable prices such as zara They have endless designs that will meet all your expectations.

What are the best slim jeans for Zara shorts this season?

Courtesy Zara

Slim classic jeans from Zara.

Courtesy Zara

Slim black jeans from Zara.

Whether it’s slim jeans in denim clear in its traditional version or in black (which go with everything), the Spanish brand of Inditex Group has the designs that every petite woman should consider. You can identify them by their tight structure, high waist and straight hem, they are also available with a frayed or washed-effect finish to add an extra note of personality to any modern look. On the other hand, the light and gray tones in pants They are a basic that should not be missing in your collection.

Courtesy Zara

Slim ripped jeans from Zara.

Courtesy Zara

Zara slim light denim jeans.

How to combine slim jeans if you are short?

In total looks in black

Daniel Zuchnik

Slim black jeans with normcore street style loafers.

The best dressed of the season confirm that you don’t need a very high heel to look fabulous with slim jeans if you are tall petite. The key is to formulate monochrome outfits composed of basics that create the effect of elongating the silhouette, therefore, it is much better if you have Cowboys in neutral tones that are easy to combine and shape your figure in a better way.

High waisted with kitten heels

Jeremy Moeller.

Slim light jeans with kitten street style heels.

Certainly a couple of heeled shoes kitten can be the solution to your height problems without completely giving up comfort. In addition to adding a distinctive touch to any pair of jeans, this footwear It will add the necessary height to improve your posture and highlight your figure in a natural way. Pair the duo with a straight blazer and sports tops that reveal a little skin, in this way you will appear taller by not shortening the silhouette with high-necked blouses or with too much volume.

Slim classic jeans with chunky sneakers

Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Slim jeans with chunky street style sneakers.

If there is something we should note about style prescribers, it is that the secret does not lie in the design of the jeansbut in the footwear. Actually, you can opt for classic pieces or with some extra detail that elevates the final result, just make sure you pay attention to the details and bet on chunky tennis that add a few inches in height, while keeping you comfortable.

With platform thong sandals

Edward Berthelot

Slim jeans with platform sandals and blazer in street style.

Another reason to invest in a pair of slim jeans in black is that they look spectacular with thong sandals of platform. It’s time to enjoy the summer, looking modern and sophisticated in equal measure, best of all, you’ll only need basic clothes like oversized blazerWith tops summer shoes to finish off the look like an expert. Something that we have seen on the Spring-Summer 2023 catwalks of firms such as Copreni and Adreadamo, where the sandals in the form of ‘Y’ are worn with heels and denim garments.

With high-heeled Mary Jan shoes to match the shirt

Photo: Diego Anciano/Getty Images.

Michaela Thomsen with “mary janes” by Chanel.

For the office or simply to walk in your favorite city, the slim jeans clear with heeled mary jane shoes They will be the ideal alliance to denote elegance. Height won’t be a problem if you have both pieces that guarantee a win everywhere, one is enough White shirt of buttons to finish the styling that will not go unnoticed.

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