We have the Korean lip oil with which you will get a juicy makeup

Just like fashion trends change each season, for example, we forget the most viral sweater of 2020 with ruffles on the sleeves in the back of our closet, like this one from the Influencers Rocío Osorno in aqua green that she has combined with basic black pants or t-shirts with puffed sleeves, like this one from Mango, which is no longer seen so much among the influencers in fashion, they are also emerging new makeup and cosmetic trends and it is partly thanks to social networks like Tik Tok either instagrambecause there are many influencers who create small videos type Reels who explain and teach us the trends that are emerging anywhere in the world, whether they are showing us the easiest make-up based on basic products that we all have in our toiletry bag, or even tutorials in which they explain how to do our nails ‘naked glitter’, the trend that kim kardashian It went viral a couple of months ago. As for makeup, a trend recently emerged that went viral thanks to the ‘Emily in Paris’ series called pinky cheeksin which you only have to get a good blush and apply it gently on the cheeks, obtaining a most natural and juicy result.

The Y2K trend has not only reached the world of fashion, but they are also talked about in terms of makeup and cosmetics, since there are several products that have resurfaced as a result of this return to the 2000s, as for example, the ‘style lip glossaesthetic’which consists of applying a juicy and translucent lipstick that gives us that touch of brilliance to the looks. But, what if, in addition to adding shine, we get a lipstick that gives us hydration? You may already be familiar with lip serums, as it is a cosmetic product that helps you recover small cracks on your lips caused by wind and cold, and according to experts in the world of beauty, this product should be a essential in your toiletry bag. However, we have discovered an oil that repairs and calms the dryness of your lips and, in addition, adds volume. We talk about Momiji Laka Vegan Lip Oilan Asian makeup firm that is formulated from different botanical oils, among which the jojoba seed oilwhat’s wrong with it antioxidant properties and prevents wrinkles, ideal for the most sensitive skin. This oil provides nutrition, softens and provides a natural shine to your lips. It is everything we need to make our face look perfect during the colder months.

How and when to apply it?

Ideally, once you have finished your skincare at night, and the next morning, remove it with small soft touches and reapply it to obtain a looks juicy along with your makeup. It is essential that you apply little productbecause being an oil, it is very dense and You won’t need much to get a good result.

Soothing Vegan Lip Oil, by Laka (€420)

Get this oil to get juicy lips that, unlike a conventional oil with which you obtain hydration, this one provides an unmistakable natural shine.

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