We knew that Amelia Bono was going to fall in love with this sequin bomber jacket from Zara

Amelia Bono does not stop (does not stop, does not stop), and there is not a day that does not create a new fashion need to add to our wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short vest, sneakers or skinny jeans, now the week starts making us need this sequined bomber jacket from Zara’s new collection. And if it sounds familiar to you, it’s because Carmen Gimeno He already took it out on his Instagram account a few weeks ago, and at that moment it was already clear to us that it would take us a very short time to see it show off to Amelia Bono. And said and done. Because if the bombers are the star jacket of this winter 2023, this sequined one from Zara It is perfect to give a more arranged and shiny touch to our looks. Until Aitana could have taken her to the famous wedding that she has attended with Sebastián Yatra. A garment with that special touch of shine that we could also find in the most viral market on TikTok how much does he like Victoria Federica.

Because if there is a garment that has returned stronger than ever to our closet this season, that is the bomber. The practical leather bomber jacket became an essential jacket in Diana of Wales’s casual outfits. Now, this jacket returns to the trend scene at the hands of catwalks, celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber and fashion experts from around the world and Amelia Bono and Carmen Gimeno They say that we are going to wear the denim and also the sequined bomber from the new collection of zara. Because yes, this is not the only one bomber that Amelia and Carmen share, also the denim mix. Wow, they could share a closet.

A bomber than Amelia Bono It has been combined with a black t-shirt underneath and that we would also wear it with jeans or a black dress.

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