We present you the car that dazzled Zendaya

The actress Zendaya, despite her young age, has an extensive and successful career, and that is why she is capable of owning the best cars on the market. But today at Tork we are going to talk about a special copy that she has in her garage. Swipe and find out more!

At only 26 years old, zendaya She is one of the most recognized actresses of Hollywood. We tell you about some of his work: The greatest showman, Dune and of course the saga of spider-manin which she met her boyfriend, Tom Holland. But currently he stands out for being the protagonist of the series Euphoria and this year the third season will be released. Obviously, so much of her acting work brought her financial returns and this helped her to have a collection of high-end cars.

Despite his youth, he has an increasingly successful career, and which was accompanied by an important patrimony of 20 million dollars. And we learned that for the third season of Euphoria closed the contract one million dollars per chapter, became a member of the “club”, that’s what the actors are called They earn a million per episode. Clearly, the actress can lead a life of luxury, have everything she wants and we see that reflected in her car collection.

The young woman usually walks the streets of the USA in the best copies of his garage. But this was not always the case, when she worked in Disney in children’s or adolescent series, he had more “humble” cars, such as a Mercedes-Class. But currently owns some vehicles of the best brands such as: Laxus RC 350, Cadillac Escalade. But there is one who has zendaya dazzled.

In his garage there is a vehicle that has dazzled the actress, it is a Range Rover SVAutobiographythis model is a SUV British, which has an engine V8 supercharged of 5 liters. And it manages to register a power of 577 horsepower. It also reaches a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour and in a time of 5 seconds manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. This beautiful truck is worth $220,000.

Of course, the young woman’s garage displays a collection of cars that has improved over time, giving us an indication of her rising career. and although zendaya She has some important copies in her garage, she has her favorite one that has her dazzled by her Range Rover SV Autobiography, Maybe that’s why we see her so much more in this truck than in any of her other vehicles.

The actress’s truck has a value of 220 thousand dollars.

This truck has a power of 577 horsepower.

+ Inside Zendaya’s Range Rover SVAutobiography

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