We present you the truck that dazzled Megan Fox

Megan Fox not only stands out for her performances on the big screen, but also for her excellent taste in cars. Today at Tork, we will tell you all the details about the truck that dazzled the movie star. Swipe and find out more!

the famous actress Megan fox has been in the news in recent times for her supposed separation from her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly. However, the model also manages to stand out for other reasons that have little to do with her love situation. She leads a true life full of luxuries, which is evidenced by her amazing collection of cars.

The artist known as Kells is a true lover of speed and adrenalinethat is why it has beastly machines like his Aston Martin DB11, his Lamborghini Gallardo and even a McLaren 702S. However, her partner is so little left behind with her garage, despite the fact that she prefers simpler and more practical cars to drive around the city.

One of her models stands out for being the one who truly fell in love with the actress, since she is one of the people who drives the most on the streets of the United States. Whether it’s commuting to training or work or driving his kids, Fox chooses this truck time and time again. It’s about a Range Rover Sportsa very common model in the collections of millionaire celebrities.

The Range Rover Sport is a F-segment SUV, which is equipped with a motor that can be V6 or V8 and manages to provide a maximum power of 177 to 396 horsepower. It’s a luxury SUV with 5 doors It offers great performance, without losing style. Ideal for the American and her family.

Despite the fact that the famous woman is capable of earning a sum of half a million dollars for the roles he plays, keep choosing cars for your garage that don’t put your financial situation at risk. Your Range Rover Sport has a value that exceeds 100 thousand dollarsand even drives a BMW 535d valued at 50 thousand dollars approximately. It seems that automotive brands do not need unattainable prices to charm the movie star.

Megan Fox chooses the Range Rover Sport to drive on the streets of the United States.

It is a luxury SUV with high performance.

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