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You are born, you grow, you multiply, and suddenly you are added to MOM’S CHATS. Yes, it sounds fun, interesting, especially if you are the first of your friends to become a Mom and eventually end up on the same channel with many moms, but there is a chat option – SCHOOL.

Your mother’s daughters! And I’m including myself because it’s contagious: questions sticking to you, putting “get well” every time someone says their son sneezed, and then 25 more “get well” messages.

But they cause me great concern: what if the “cash pool”, the teacher’s fee, football practice, signing up for lists for activities with your children, a hot lunch on the way out for those who will stay for “afterschool activities” because we were told that the key to success is in sports, and of course this has a lot to do with discipline, habit and so on. But when your kids’ activities get tangled up and you can’t go all out, you get weird looking, you breathe faster, you think about a thousand unfinished tasks at a speed that makes you dizzy, you feel like lice are crawling all over you. head and you They make you want to scream “YEAH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good awaynom out.

And then it passes, you get organized, decide and again write something in the chat.

I’ve seen a lot of back-to-school memes these days, the typical video of Tom Cruise singing at the top of his voice in the car “And I’m free, free fall” shared by thousands of moms where they wrote “Me after driving them to school”. And of course it’s funny, I’m dying of laughter because motherhood is WITHOUT A DOUBT the hardest job, and obviously the most rewarding. But wow, what super strong moms, because it’s not just to take, bring, cook, stroke and prepare the form, you have to support them, listen to them, hug them tightly and even be interested in their day if the story of one day does not change much.

The most pleasant thing is when your husband comes home from work and says: “Shall we see a movie? Or why are you so tired? Then if you can become “Voldemort” in a matter of seconds, but you do not have the strength to do this transformation, then you understand that the advice that your grandmother gave you, “choose your battle” is much more serious than you thought.

This is not small print.

Juggling between work, home, motherhood, a husband, and besides eating healthy, exercising, training, and not becoming a “dona Florinda” sounds easy, the truth is that it gets a lot easier as time goes by. Pieeero, there are about 10 days a month when I would like to have a vacation, and that those punishments when we were girls, like “go to your room and don’t leave the house all day”, would be, like, a divine gift in these moments of adaptation to a new daily routine, returning to school and everything connected with it.

It’s a bittersweet topic because you’re grateful with your whole being to see them healthy, strong, growing, excited, making friends, carrying their backpack that seems bigger than themselves, and on the other hand, it’s hard for you to let go, to accept. that they are no longer babies, although it seems that they were born the day before yesterday. We are going to live this process together, so I launched “Mom” without small letters and I tell everything on my Instagram.

My name is Mel DeHan and I love writing this first column for you. We will touch on topics that, as women, wives and mothers, often attract my attention, and I would like to read your comments, you are welcome.

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