Wes Anderson: 5 films to meet the director and understand the art of Asteroid City

Frances McDormand in The French Chronicle (2021)

After passing through Cannes International Film Festival and the postponement of its premiere in some Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile and Brazil, a new film Wes Andersondirector of such famous feature films as Hotel Grand Budapest (2014) and full moon kingdom (2012).

Known to many as “the king of aesthetics” in the major league of filmmakers, the epithet has been used both to justify him and to insult his work as superficial and soulless. However, Wes Anderson he is much more than his flawless compositions or the TikTok trend, he is a director who knows how to convey deep emotions through his art design, cute stories and eccentric characters.

For this reason, we have selected five films that perfectly capture and convey the essence of his art:

The Eccentric Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson.

It was his first big commercial success and the film that has since defined his distinct style, an imprint he had already begun to form in his first two feature films: Rushmore Academy (1998) and bottle rocket (1996) and based on the short film of the same name he co-wrote with Owen Wilson. IN The Eccentric Tenenbaumstogether with the actor rewrites the original script and gives the brothers Wilson Owen And Luke– the two most notable roles.

The film tells the story of a family of sons, considered geniuses as children but passed out as adults, who are reunited after their absent father, Royal, is diagnosed with a terminal illness (Gene Hackmann). He begs his ex-wifeAnjelica Huston) return to live with them and – of course – all the problems and secrets that have accumulated over the years come to light. Unforgettable characters, tragicomic tone of narration, off-screen text and frame symmetry are beginning to be perceived by critics and the public as its hallmarks.

Fantastic Mr Fox by Wes Anderson.

In his first animated film Wes Anderson he uses stop-motion animation techniques to recreate these ideal settings and calculate them down to the smallest detail, and uses the resources that animation gives him to create cross-sections and look inside burrows, underground tunnels and buildings. Fantastic Mr FoxGeorge Clooney), which gave the film its title, is a fox in the midst of a midlife crisis who takes his family for granted in search of new adventures.

With a voice cast including stellar names such as Meryl Streep, Willem Dafoe, Helen McCrory and its regular employees: Bill Murray, Owen Wilson And Jason Schwartzmann. Anderson wrote the script with Noah Baumbach (marriage story, White noise) – with whom he had already worked on his previous film Aquatic Life – based on a short story by a popular children’s writer. Roald Dahl and called Jarvis Cocker from the group pulp compose and interpret songs.

Edward Norton in Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Possibly one of his most popular films with the general public, it has long been available on Netflix and now it can be found on the platform Star+. This tender coming-of-age tells the story of two young lovers – an orphan boy and an upper-middle class girl – who meet one summer and have a pen-pal until they decide to leave their small New England island together to find a place for themselves. secret name full moon kingdom and settle there.

The adults begin a quest to bring them home, but the love and determination of young people can change some hearts. written next to Roman Coppola (yes, son of Francis Ford and brother of Sophia), was nominated for Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The choir composition, the aesthetics of rich pastel colors, the complex children’s world and the special eccentricity of the characters strengthened the style of the play. Wes Andersonwho subsequently received worldwide recognition for his style.

The film became his biggest commercial success to date. Wes Anderson on the Olympus of Authors, his special stamp has gone from indie cinema to spectacular audio-visual production, in which great actors gave their salaries to work with him. On a modest budget of just $25 million, the film grossed over $170 million at the box office, and the director became one of the best bets for studios unwilling to fund original productions.

Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, Saoirse Ronan And Jeff Goldblum, among other things, will star in this wild ensemble tale about the bellboy of a magnificent mountaintop hotel and its exceptional concierge in its golden age, between family plots, international intrigues and love stories. To this day, the film is considered the pinnacle of its flawless aesthetic, with massive sets, action scenes, and other ingredients that brought large audiences to theaters.

Tilda Swinton in The French Chronicles (2021)

The magazine from which the film was made. The French chronicle is a triumph of form, using impeccable art direction. Wes Anderson to recreate on screen a magazine in the best style of The New York Times, but set in anachronistic France. With special emphasis on art and tourism, society and politics, culinary and police sections, the story considers the author’s eye behind each chronicle and beautifully recreates the edition of this almost lost format, paying special attention to the figure of the editor. It even has an animated piece that mimics the comics on the back cover.

Loved by some and hated by others french control room confirms that Wes Anderson he is a director with style and substance. The premiere took place in Cannes Film FestivalThe film starred several full-time actors and actresses from the director’s troupe, joined by Timothy Chalamet, Benicio the bull, Frances McDormand, Geoffrey Wright, among the others. From the story of an artist surviving his days in prison, to retelling the French May and exploring the city on a bicycle, Anderson’s original screenplay with Roman Coppola And Hugo Guinness he honored chronicle art like no one else.

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