What blessed 23-J

I believe that, given the nuances, elections reset the mileage counter of the previous legislature, because in them voters choose, say what they think, and settle scores with the government and the opposition. The electorate soothes the convulsions and anger of the legislature by casting its vote, and the poll results are usually a palliative, healing the anger accumulated over the previous four years. In this sense, the 23-J elections blessed a heinous act that a priori seemed like they were going to incur a very severe punishment for Pedro Sanchez, for the PSOE and for all the partners who helped him introduce aluminum into the building. . In a certain sense it was, because, with the exception of Bildu, the only partner who became stronger, everyone who supported Pedro Sánchez, Podemos, PNV, ERC… were punished in the elections. And, curiously, the PSOE suffered severe punishment in the regional and municipal elections, but the tight-trousered, inveterate liar, lazy by the rules, came out stronger at 23-J, winning more votes and seats than before. He was known four years ago. It can be said that he was slapped in the face by the Socialist candidates in the municipal and regional elections, but they gave him cream. “Sarna willingly does not itch,” the electorate marches on and, like some masochists, prefers bad guys, shameless and liars. One day of idleness and four years of tears. The price of scarves will rise.

Accustomed to lying and commanding any evidence, the current government convinces us more and more every day that it won, according to the plot, the elections that it lost in the elections, because the luminaries do not blush when they propagate that they were lost by Feihoo and PP. What a danger if we let these people write history! For them, 137 seats is less than 121, and for Feijo, the courage to attempt an investiture, doomed to fail because the legitimate party is Pedro Sanchez, who has more experience and is much more capable of getting confused and getting into an auction fight than is fair, put forward Puigdemont hiding from the coup d’état we depend on to avoid a repeat election.

If parliamentary arithmetic passes the baton to Bild, the ERC, Puigdemont or the illusory Yolanda Diaz, then there is no doubt that the best way to add salt to the gazpacho is Pedro Sanchez, who showed apartments for this, but who does not. the pulse is trembling and besides, the electorate on the 23rd applauded all his antics and lies. We will have what we chose, knowing that the chairman of the government comes from the Congress of Deputies, not from the polls, and that Feihoo, who won 16 more seats, will be rejected because the communist, separatist, coup d’état and philo-terrorist minorities will continue to decide, how and who will govern Spain, because that is how 23-J was decided. Will they get an amnesty so they can laugh at justice and everyone else? So they are already building scaffolding, and even Fernandez Vara – what a shame for his career! – joins the constitutional halaneo. And for dessert – more money, more privileges, more arrogance and more destructive power in the hands of those who “the less Spain, the better.” Is it better to end the war in order to arm the enemy? Pedro Sanchez, with the exception of his easy chair, will refuse everything that is asked of him. And even more so now that the electorate has told him to go ahead, he takes it into his own hands to continue the demolition and not give up. Until final delivery.

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