What Churg-Strauss syndrome did Luis Fernando Camacho suffer from?

Two illnesses undermine the health of Camacho

Governor Luis Fernando Camacho suffers from hypogammaglobulinemia and Churg-Strauss syndrome, both of which disrupt his autoimmune system: the former is associated with selective immunoglobulin G deficiency, and the latter is a disease characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels.

Hypogammaglobulinemia: selective immunoglobulin G deficiency

Churg-Strauss syndrome: inflammation of the blood vessels

Both Diseases Undermine Your Immune System

Effects: These diseases can provoke an inflammatory process in the arteries and veins. It can affect the lungs, heart, and other vital organs.

Body weight: Camacho lost 21 kg in the last two months

Churg-Strauss syndrome is a disease characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels. This inflammation can restrict blood flow to organs and tissues, sometimes permanently damaging them. This condition is also known as eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis.

Asthma in adults is the most common symptom of Churg-Strauss syndrome. This disorder can also cause other problems such as nose allergies, sinus problems, rashes, gastrointestinal bleeding, and pain and numbness in the hands and feet.

Churg-Strauss syndrome is rare and has no cure. Symptoms can usually be controlled with steroids and other powerful immunosuppressants.


Churg-Strauss syndrome varies greatly from person to person. Some people have only mild symptoms. Others have serious or life-threatening complications.

The syndrome, also known as eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis, usually progresses in three stages and gradually worsens. Almost all people with this condition have asthma, chronic sinusitis, and an increased number of white blood cells called eosinophils.

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