What does Beyoncé’s new perfume smell like?

beyoncé touring since May, the “Renaissance World Tour” is considered one of the most successful to date. In this case, she included some interesting details such as robots dancing with her or fanning her, as well as some giant horses that hint at the cover of her latest studio album. Similarly, it is worth revisiting fashion with an extensive wardrobe that usually changes from date to date.

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But while she visits different cities, the pop star also shared some of the secrets of her life. other projects, for example, a line of hair care products that will soon be launched. Now the news is there’s more to come, well release a new fragrancethe first in almost ten years to be in the format perfumed water and will go on sale later this year.

Although the name of the fragrance is not known yet, we know that It will be exclusive on your portalbeyonce.com and this is unfortunately It will only be sold to residents of the US and Canada.. Deliveries are scheduled for November.

Notes of Beyoncé’s new fragrance

Beyoncé’s new perfumes are categorized floral and gourmetand we’d like to think that’s how she smells, or at least a showcase for the smells she likes. It combines notes of clementine, golden honey, rose and golden amber. Price $160 and at the moment it only has one size, 1.7 oz.

True Texan fans remember that in 2010 he released his first perfume called Heat., gourmand flavor. Due to its great popularity, it had a second version, heat feverhis third adventure in this market could have been a resounding success.

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At the moment, the other famous details of the new perfume are what can be seen on its website, a black and white gif that shows its silhouette, the cap is dome-shaped, and its edges resemble the edges of a staircase, which at first glance seems very stylish in art deco style. The fragrance was created in France, developed by Beyoncé herself and promises to have an attractive packaging.

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