What famous actors have never won an Oscar?

Oscars 2023

The 95th delivery of the most important awards in the industry is coming up and that is why we review a handful of stars forgotten by the Academy.

What famous actors have never won an Oscar?
© GettyWhat famous actors have never won an Oscar?

Awards are recognition of particular projects, but sometimes they also imply the need to highlight a person’s career. With the oscars, This is no different. We can think, for example, of how long it took them to recognize Leonardo Dicapriowhich did not win The wolf of Wall Street and his incredible work but he was awarded thanks to the revenant. To which actors are you indebted? The academy?

+Actors ignored by the Oscars

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in Magnolia. (IMDb)

Today, it is one of the benchmarks in the industry to the point that a video recently went viral in which Steven Spielberg thanked him for saving her “Top Gun: Maverick”. jobs like Magnolia and Jerry Maguire they left him at the gate of triumph, but he was never recognized.

Johnny Depp

Ed Wood. (IMDb)

Today saved from the controversy with Amber Heard that almost cost him the race, Johnny Depp It is another of the great left aside. how can it be Panic and Madness in Las Vegasto cite just one example, did not give you the statuette?

Edward Norton

American History X. (IMDb)

You just have to remember what you did in American History X to understand the injustice of the situation with this artist. Not to mention if we also add his great work in The fight Club.

Willem Dafoe

The Florida Project. (IMDb)

Every appearance by this 67-year-old star is a masterpiece. Nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Florida projectHe never got an award. Not even when she got the genius of embodying the very Van Gogh.

Ralph Fiennes

Schindler’s list. (IMDb)

Despite having starred in the first film that gave him a oscar to Spielberg and put yourself in the shoes of Oscar Schindler, fiennes was completely ignored by The academy.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Dangerous relationships. (IMDb)

Nominated for works like Dangerous relationshipsthis 64-year-old artist was three times in the competition and never took a statuette home.

Sigourney Weaver

Aliens. (IMDb)

Maybe it’s too much to ask that they recognize a sci-fi horror star as Commander ellen ripley. Three times she fought for a oscarincluding one for Aliensand never managed to win it.

Glenn Close

Dangerous relationships. (IMDb)

There is a very particular record for this movie star: she is the actress most times nominated for the oscar without having won it, with a total of eight times that he participated in the shortlist. Fatal Attraction and Dangerous relationships earned him some of his nominations.

Amy Adams

The master. (IMDb)

The master, Vice and doubt were some of the movies for which Amy Adams she was nominated without ever being recognized. Not to mention other jobs like in Nocturnal animals. She currently has six nominations and a chance to break the record for Glenn Close.

Annette Bening

American Beauty. (IMDb)

the star of American Beautywho gave away great works such as The kids are alright, has never won a statuette. An absolute injustice.

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