What health problems can be identified by the condition of the nails

An expert in traditional Chinese medicine said that nails say a lot about health. But he was much more precise in defining his height, shape and markingssigns of possible problems and urgent visit to the doctor.

Eastern philosophyAsian company specializing in herbal medicine, often health education videos on tiktok including a video on how to determine your health status using just look at your nails.

A viral video with almost 400,000 views reveals how the firm’s followers can detect some health problems and decide whether they need to see a doctor.

The Eastern Philosophy, a small Asian company specializing in medicinal herbs. Screenshot of TikTok

“What Your Nails Say About Your Health According to the Taoist Body Reading Tradition”reads the subtitles of the video that is being streamed Daily mail.

Curved nails may indicate breathing problems

In the images, the voice states that if her nails curve downmay indicate breathing problems.

These types of nails are also known as sticks and can be the first sign of a serious illness.

Among the deficiencies listed under this version are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Chronical bronchitisHe asthma or even lungs’ cancer.

Curvature down is a sign of breathing problems.

Curved nails, liver or lung problems

If your nails curved up, you may have liver or lung problemsreview.

In accordance with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundationupturned nails are seen in 35% of people with large or advanced lung cancer, and in 4% of people with small cancers, they also spread.

He adds that bringing the fingers up takes place in stages.

At first, the nail bed becomes smooth, and the skin next to it often becomes shiny. Next, they begin to notice that the nails more curved than usual when you look at them from the side.

Nails curved up. Screenshot of TikTok

Finally, fingertips often they get bigger and start to swellwhich is due to the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues of the fingers, they explain.

Vertical and horizontal lines: stomach and nerves

Then TikTok notes that if your nails vertical linesthis may mean that you have problems stomach or nervous.

According to Healthline, ridges on the nails are often a sign of other serious health problems.

The lines visible on the nail may be horizontal.

In turn, in the same group may suffer multiple sclerosis or multiple sclerosis, It is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord and the optic nerves that make up the central nervous system.

Vertical marks to look out for.

On the other hand, if lines horizontal instead of verticals, this could mean bowel related problems. The warning also covers some kidney disease.

If horizontal ridges are on the far side of the nail, this may indicate celiac disease

Large nail moons and high blood pressure

A familiar moon or crescent on nails that are too large indicates “risk high blood pressure“, says a small Asian company.

The crescent at the base of the nail is known as hole and is considered too large when it takes third or more nail

Often indicates problems with cardiovascular system, cardiac arrhythmia and increased blood pressure.

Holes or large moons on the nails.

According to the CDC, high blood pressure or hypertension increases the risk of other heart problems and even stroke.

Most people develop high blood pressure as a result of your diet, lifestyle, or health conditionbut the base of your nails can be a wake-up call for whether you should make an appointment with your doctor for high blood pressure.

No nail or small windows, low pressure

On the contrary, small holes in the nails, which are barely visible behind the cuticle, may mean that he low blood pressure.

This suggests poor circulation and is often a sign weak immune systempoor metabolismhigh in iron and vitamin B12.

If the socket is separated from the rest of the nail by transverse lines, this may indicate a possible development of diabetesdistributed by a British newspaper.

What happens in the absence of a nail moon? This may mean the presence severe fatigue and low immunity.

Nails may indicate some kind of disease.

From a Chinese company they add: “nail holes can move away due to staying up too late, poor digestion, anemia and low thyroid function“.

In accordance with health lineabsence is not always a cause for concern, as they can be hidden under the cuticle or the skin at the base of the finger. However, this may be a sign depression or malnutrition.

In this last example, for example, they recommend making an appointment with a doctor. But it is worth clarifying, It is extremely important to consult with a healthcare professional in any situation.

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