What is Hailey Bieber’s, almost “blame free” dessert, Justin’s wife?

Since Justin Bieber revealed that he is allergic to gluten both he and his wife hailey, they changed their diet. Although the model does not carry this disease, she accompanies the musician with the elaboration of some dishes without TACC so that both can enjoy them.

That is why some time ago he told that he cooked for his partner and surprised him with the preparation of dinner: “Tonight I made steak and cauliflower mash at my house!” and assured that he began to search “healthier alternatives these days”. So both take care of their diet to eat all the necessary nutrients and stay in shape.

Hailey Bieber Photo: instagram/haileybieber

Despite taking care of herself with meals and maintaining a strict diet along with physical activity, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin usually gives himself some tastes and in that sense he confessed what is your favorite dessert and almost “blame free”.

Hailey Bieber’s favorite dessert

Through some Instagram stories, the 26-year-old showed the end result of making her favorite dessert at home. Is about Baked apples stuffed with cooked oat mixsimilar to what is known as apple crumble. “I guess you can call it a guilt-free apple crumble?”described in the story.

Hailey Bieber’s favorite dessert Photo: instagram/haileybieber

It’s an original recipe from Laura Lentz, an Australian pastor from Hillsong Church, who was a guest at Hailey and Justin’s September 2019 wedding in South Carolina. But to the final dish, the influencer added his personal touch: a scoop of ice cream.

Hailey Bieber’s favorite dessert with ice cream Photo: instagram/haileybieber

This was demonstrated in the following photo where he confessed: “Except that not entirely guilt free because i added ice creambut hey… it’s still healthy and very delicious “.

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