What is Naprotechnology: The Method Tamara Falko Will Follow to Get Pregnant

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Tamara Falko and Inigo Onieva say: “Yes, I want to”PS

Their wedding lasted three days and copied heart magazines. A few days after the wedding of the year, as some called it, Tamara Falkocontinues to make headlines about her new life next to Inigo Onieva.


Marquise de Grignon wants to become a motherand he is very clear about how he is going to achieve this.Tamara Falkofrom 41 years old, she worries about her biological clock. Apparently, the socialite would have obeyed various tests to check your fertilityand it appears that the results have not been entirely positive.

Precisely because of thisTamara FalkoIt is clear that he will have to obey some fertility process. She did not choose one because she does not want to go through the traditional method of insemination.

Tamara Falko wants to get pregnant

Tamara Falko chose natural method and very little known. nanotechnology. This medical approach, known in the industry as “Natural Reproduction Technology”, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of fertility problems and other gynecological diseases. using natural and scientifically based methods based on Catholic ethical and moral principles that are consistent with the values ​​​​of marriage.

Target nanotechnology is to identify and treat the underlying cause fertility problems or menstrual irregularities rather than just treating the symptoms.

To do this, he uses various tools such as fertility monitoring, hormonal tests and ultrasounds, since the goal is to know the optimal moment to conceive and then apply methods that can help women. get pregnant.

Tamra Falco during her honeymoon in South Africa.

Tamara Falko on honeymoon

Tamara Falko And Inigo Onieva He’s already on his honeymoon. The couple is in South Africain one of the most luxurious hotels in the country, Belmond Mount Nelsonspa resort located in the center of Cape Town.

A couple of year honeymoon doesn’t provide many summery looks as it’s winter in South Africa right now. This will not be the only place that Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniwa will visit, as the trip will last almost until the end of summer.

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