What is the “deinfluencer” viral trend on TikTok?

Published: 2023-02-18T18:54:11

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Many TikTok creators have joined the “deinfluencer” viral trend that focuses on doing the complete opposite of what we might expect from an influencer. This is all we need to know about it.

Since the last few years, TikTok It has become one of the most important social networks on the Internet. Millions of people pass through it on a daily basis who upload and interact with the content that is offered.

With so much to offer, many users started making videos that showcased the products that TikTok made them buy. That is, they showed items that different TikTokers have praised for one reason or another, ensuring that it was worth buying.

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However, users have changed the rules of the game by bringing a new viral trend to TikTok: deinfluencer.

All about the “desinfluencer”, the viral trend of TikTok to avoid wasting money

As can be guessed from the word, in it the people talk about the popular products they don’t recommend to their audience. Either because of its high price or because of their quality.

This trend has been very popular in the beauty community. In it, influencers have started to encourage their followers not to buy certain items that have been given a lot of hype, especially on TikTok.

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I just found out that the deinfluencer exists and I have not hesitated to go directly to it“wrote a user in a video about expensive products.

Many people have instantly joined this trend and it is that the “desinfluencer” is hitting harder than you might think. For this reason, many have gotten down to work and some even propose similar and much cheaper products to help.

Obviously there is no general consensus on which product should be part of the “disinfluencer” trend on TikTok. However, users greatly appreciate finding out which products are not worth the money.

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Videos showcasing this trend have garnered millions of views, and its popularity on the app continues to rise as more creators get involved.

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