What is the most watched movie on Netflix in Argentina TODAY

Over a dozen streaming services are vying fiercely for the title of king of the market, including Netflix. (Information)

The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, and this is a historic event witnessed by 35 people led by the Lumiere brothers. In the new millennium, far from that time, The way we make and watch movies has completely changed, and Netflix is ​​proof of that..

For comparison, now you do not need to go to the square or to the cinema to enjoy moviesbecause with the development of technology and the advent of streaming platforms, movie lovers have received many benefits, love the fact of enjoying different stories and genres within click reach and no need to wonder how to download videos from Facebook.

Currently, not only 500 one-minute films are available, as in those days, but Netflix and its competitors have extensive catalog productions, so now the dilemma is which titles to watch.

However, in this wave of novelties, there are films that have managed to stand out and position themselves in the tastes of the public.

1 Agent Stone

Rachel Stone is an intelligence agent, the only woman standing between her powerful global peacekeeping organization and the loss of her most valuable and dangerous asset.

2. Good luck Big Lion

Nancy Stokes, a retired schoolteacher, craves adventure and sex. good sex. Her late husband Robert provided her with a home, a family, and some semblance of a life, but she never had good sex from him. Now that Robert is long gone, Nancy puts her plan into action and hires a young gigolo who goes by the exotic name “Big Leo”. In an anonymous hotel room, Nancy receives Leo. She looks as good as her photo, but what she didn’t expect was a great conversation. Nancy discovers that she likes him. And he likes her. With great sexual confidence, Nancy begins to relax. As they clash, the dynamics of power shift and the characters’ masks begin to crumble. Preview: Sundance Film Festival 2022

3. Steve and the League of Monsters

In a world where monsters are domesticated and monster fighting is a popular sport, Vinnie wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and turn a monster into a fighter.

4 Great White Shark

A group of friends enjoying their weekend steal a pair of jet skis that send them out to sea and end up in a horrific head-on collision. They struggle to find their way home with a badly injured friend as predators hide in the waters below.

5. dhamaka

Swami and Anand, who look exactly alike, come from different walks of life. Under dangerous circumstances, Pranavi, a pretty young girl, falls in love with both of them. How will Swami and Anand solve their problems?

6. Step-siblings

Renato Murguia is a man who has everything: he is smart, the owner of a successful company, and he is going to get married and start a new family with his wife and son. A few days before the wedding, he receives an unexpected phone call from the other side of the border; this will expose an old wound that has never closed and lead him on a journey in which he will face many obstacles, new experiences and the solution of the question that has haunted him for so many years.

7. What do men think about?

A woman working in the world of sports agencies feels resentful of men in a world she considers macho. When one day he gains the ability to listen to his thoughts, he discovers how to manipulate them to his advantage.

8. Stuart Little 2

The new adventure of the brave little hero Stuart Little. Two new characters join the Little Family: a nine-month-old sister named Martha and a lively bird named Margalo.

9. Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills is a luxurious boarding school where wealthy families send their daughters to be trained and nurtured to become perfect women. Uma (Emma Roberts) goes there and soon discovers that the residence hides a terrible secret.

10 Big Red Dog Clifford

A girl’s love for her doll named Clifford makes the dog grow in size.

*Some titles may be repeated in the rankings because they are different episodes, seasons or releases, and they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

With its series and movies, Netflix has become the king of streaming. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that it has become one of the most important platforms and has managed to make important changes in the way series and movies are watched and enjoyed.

Its great success has spurred other major companies to launch their own streaming services such as Disney+ and HBO, however they have not been able to achieve the same reach in either subscribers or have such a large directory.

Although it started as a company that offered DVD-by-mail rental services, it wasn’t until 2011 that the company began operations outside of the US and Canada, offering its catalog via streaming in Latin America and the Caribbean. A year later, it also reached some countries in Europe and then Asia.

In 2011, the company ventured into producing its own content, starting with a successful TV series. house of cardswhich led her to set up her studio in 2016. By 2018, it will already be defined as a global Internet TV network.

Its catalog includes Oscar-winning, multi-award-winning films and viral series like The Squid Game or important Spanish-language products like La casa de papel. Netflix was first nominated for an Oscar in 2014 thanks to the documentary The Square.

It is important to note that the content that Netflix depends on the region or time, so some titles may not be available in different regions than others.

Products available on Netflix can be watched on smart TVs, game consoles, decoders, smartphones, computers, tablets, and more. e. The platform also has several packages that, depending on the cost, will limit the number of times you can watch content on different devices at the same time if you can enjoy it in HD, FHD or UHD, etc.


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