What is the name of the series that turned Tom Holland into a trend and where to watch it?


Tom Holland has become a social media trend thanks to a scene from a TV series in which he is the main character. Here we will tell you what it is.

Tom Holland has become a trend on social media.
Tom Holland has become a trend on social media.

Tom Hollandone of the actors Great Britain most importantly today, has become a trend in all social networks in the last hours. That’s because a scene from the series in which he stars, in which he dates another man, has gone viral.

The production in question is Crowded room, which is available on Apple TV. This is a true story from the 1981 book The Mind of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes. The story is focused on Danny Sullivana subject accused of rape, armed robbery, and other crimes.

Tom Holland plays the protagonist of this story and Amanda Seyfried gives life Ria Goodwin. The rest of the cast is complete Emmy Rossum, Will Chase, Sasha Lane, Zachary Golinger, Christopher Abbott, Emma Laird, Jason Isaacs, Lior Raz, Henry Eikenberry, Henry Zaga and Thomas Sadoskiamong others.

+Where can you see the Crowded Hall?

Series featuring Tom Holland calledCrowded room and is currently available on the Apple TV+ platform.as it is the original production of its own streaming platform.

+ What is the plot of the series?

A Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan, a man arrested for participating in a 1979 New York City shooting. A gripping thriller told through a series of interviews with curious investigator Ria Goodwin, Danny’s story unfolds, revealing elements of the mysterious past that shaped him and vicissitudes that will lead to a revelation that will change his life.” talks about his synopsis.

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