What is the origin of the most glamorous red carpet in Hollywood?

March is approaching and with it one of the most anticipated events in the world of cinema. Next Sunday the 12th and on the occasion of the 95th edition of the Oscars, the most outstanding stars of the big screen will meet, in an act that recognizes excellence in twenty-three categories. Actors and actresses, directors, screenwriters and other guest stars are finalizing preparations for a celebration in style in which, as tradition dictates, they will have to go through the iconic red carpet in their best clothes. But,Where does this custom come from and why is fashion so important at film awards?

The origin of the red carpet

He The first record we have of it is found in Greek literature.. Specifically, in the play agamemnon, written by Aeschylus in 458 BC as part of the Oresteia trilogy. In it, the king returns from Troy and his wife, grieving the loss of her daughter, plots her assassination and pTo receive it, place a red path that you will have to go on his way to death.

Throughout the 19th century, red-colored rugs and rugs also appeared, represented in Renaissance paintings, although they were not used to welcome prominent personalities until 1821 with the arrival of James Monroe to the presidency of the United States. Nearly two decades later, red carpets became established as a symbol of upper class, being used to mark the route of first-class passengers on New York trains.

(The favorites at the Oscars 2023 are confirmed: complete list of nominations for the 95th edition)

The Oscars catwalk

The first time a red carpet was rolled out over the Oscars was in 1961, although it was not until five years later, with the commercialization of color television, that it became the fashion exhibitor that we know today.

Since then is placed in the Kodak Theater (Los Angeles) and, with its 150 meters in lengthconstitutes the ideal setting to present celebrities and give them their moment of prominence surrounded by photographers who take pictures of them and journalists curious to know who dresses them.

we still remember the mythical gold dress by Julie Christie in homage to the most coveted statuette in cinema in 1966or the two-piece suit that turned Barbra Streisand as the first winner to wear pants back in the year 1969.

The Oscars are a powerful advocacy tool and many of her outfits have contributed to changing the way we understand fashion. Example of this is cherthat in 1988 dazzled with a naked clothes Designed by Bob Mackie.

Cher in one of her most controversial ‘looks’

The Spanish

And that in the “parade” of the Academy is not spared is something that also impresses us when we see it from our screens. More than four million dollars cost the Dior dress with which Jennifer Lawrence rose winner in 2013. With a strapless neckline and a media-grabbing train, it’s the most expensive gown in awards history, and proof that If there is a place for opulence and glamor in the world, it is Hollywood..

Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress for ‘The Bright Side of Things’

The Spanish

What to expect from this edition

The awards will be broadcast live on March 12, six weeks after the candidates were revealed. This year top the list dramas like The Fabelmans and The triangle of sadnessbut there is also room for blockbusters with Top Gun Maverickand No news at the front returns to infiltrate Netflix in the most prestigious film awards.

(The Oscars will once again televise all its categories live after last year’s controversy)

Although we still don’t know what our favorite stars will surprise us with, we can confirm that the Oscars red carpet will be more committed than ever, and that is The Hollywood Academy has asked its attendees to take into account the criteria of sustainable fashion when choosing their suits and dresses.

In this edition we will see many of them opt forr proposals from independent artisans, materials from renewable materials and reused garments. You can continue to find out about the Oscars, their schedules and nominees through the page of El Español.

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