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4 years ago Kimberly Loaysa, Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kenya Os they had a big fight that went viral on social media that ended in broken contracts, broken friendships, and even some They will stop making videos for YouTube.

It all started when Kenya Os recorded a video for her YouTube channel and was compared to Kimberly, which surprised the same influencer and decided to invite her to his apartment in Mexicali together with his partner Juan de Dios Pantoja, their friendship began.

They form the Yukilope team.

At the moment of inviting her to Mexicali, they decided to recreate the whole scene of their acquaintance on a video, where you can see how she is met at the airport (to Kenya Os) and They take her to where they lived to spend their holidays.

After spending some time together, they became friends, made videos for YouTube, and their fame began to grow for the three of them with millions of subscribers, where they decided to form a group called “Jukilop” which means:

  • Joo: Juan
  • Key: Kimberly
  • This: Loaiza
  • P: Pantokha

Three of them belonged to this new group along with others. Many fans didn’t like the idea of ​​Kenya being part of the team, however they (Kimberly and Juan) They came out to protect her.

How did the controversy start?

Trouble started when the Kenya Os contract was presentedaccording to her, it was a poorly executed contract and she did not agree with many points, she was also not allowed to get advice and Juan de Dios only insisted that he sign it.

Several videos have surfaced showing Kenya talking and crying with Juan de Dios’ manager, where he didn’t understand why Juan forced him to sign the contract by forcein addition to allegations against Juan about “an injustice regarding some of the things that happened in the house” such as the food he bought, the food he cooked, the clothes he wore, among other things.

They delete your YouTube channel

Kenya told you that Kimberly Loayza and Juan de Dios Pantoja they deleted all of his youtube videos without signing a contract and that they also copied ideas they later used in their own videos.

After they broke up and Kenya decided to return home, according to her on social media, she was very depressed because everything she built over the years was destroyed, however, Kimberly and Juan only said that she became famous for them.

Why are they called lindurites, pantohitas and keninis?

Fans of Kimberly Loayza call “favors”, Juan de Dios “pantojas” and Kenya Os “kenini”, so after the fight they split into sides, some support the Jukilope version and others the Kenya Os version.

After some time, Kenya announced her fried video, in which you have to talk about all the criticism that people make about you, where He mainly pointed to the controversy he had with Juquilope.who did not remain silent and decided to respond to their video.

What are they currently saying about the controversy?

At the moment, Kenya Os tries not to talk about it and prefers to focus on her career.as well as Juan de Dios and Kimberly Loais, who asked in some interviews don’t touch the topic. Even though the years have passed, the anger still burns and it doesn’t seem that they are going to forgive each other.

Only they know exactly how events unfolded. The good part about all this is that both have achieved impressive success, There is no one in Mexico who has not heard the name of Kenya Os or Kimberly Loaiza.

Kenya Os has had an outstanding musical career, made some important collaborations with artists like Ha Ash and Snow, this product, so he plans to continue on this path for a long time to come.

On the other hand, Kimberly Loaiza has also been looking to grow in her projects, from being a mother to finding opportunities in music and as an entrepreneur. Undoubtedly both managed to reap success after success in their careers and made them important figures in the entertainment industry.

It’s true that the fights and gossip between them still resonate with their fans, but these two they tried to live their lives no matter.


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