What is the real story behind the Swarm series? –Spoiler Time

swarmthe new and surprising series of Amazon Prime Video, plays a lot with fact and fiction. He lies to us and tells us the truth at the same time. Here we explain what the reality is.

In the story we have the story of a fan of a singer who becomes a serial killer, and although Nijah is a fake artist, and the plot of the series created by donald glover is clearly based on Beyonce and her huge fan base, which, in the face of criticism of the singer, has made countless death threats. But this is not the only similarity.


The fan base of nijha is called The Swarm and of Beyonce is called The Beyhive and the bee emojis are also present. In fact, when Jay Z allegedly deceived Beyonce with Rachel Royfans got confused and flooded the chef’s Instagram comments rachael ray with bee emojis.

But to be honest, the fan base of Beyonce She is not the only one who has this fame on social networks. The show can also engage with other massive fan bases like those of bts, Taylor Swift, Cardi B. and nicki minaj. The show leans heavily on how what starts out as admiration slowly turns into an unhealthy fixation and can become very dangerous.

On the other hand, the history of Eveinterpreted by billie eilishhas led many viewers to wonder if the group is based on reality and the answer is again yes and no: the series is inspired by the cult NXIVM already their leader Keith Ranierewho in 2020 was sentenced to 120 years imprisonment and fined $1.75 million in a sex trafficking case.


swarm it teases real-life obsessed fans by showing them (in a highly exaggerated way) where they might be headed if they don’t calm down. In addition, the show also based the character of Marissa in a rumor from april 2016 which indicated that a girl named Marissa Jackson she committed suicide because she realized that a certain pop star was being cheated on by her husband.

Although the show is not based on a true story, it cautions viewers that their obsessions with celebrities can be just as harmful as obsessing with dre with Nijah. There have been cases of crazed stalkers breaking into the homes of celebrities and trying to kill them, so while dre is not a real person, his story is not necessarily fictional.

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