What should you wear according to the shape of your body: With these clothes you can’t fail!

Going shopping for many has become a real sacrifice: Seeing so many clothes together and not knowing what to choose is exhausting. The time in the fitting room can be torture and even lower our self-esteem when the clothes “do not fit us well”. But actually, It is not a matter of adapting to the clothes, but that it suits us and our body type. In this article we show you the different types of female figures and we will guide you so that you know what type of garment favors you the most. Take note!

In theory, there are five kinds of silhouettes, but we must emphasize that there are many more variations and that each body is unique. Wear what you like and don’t force yourself to follow beauty canons if they don’t make you feel safe.

  1. First of all, the oval, round or apple shape: It is a figure in which the waist this little marked and she has a big bust. The shoulders are slightly wider than the hips, or even the same size.
  2. The triangular shape or pear shape: The hips are wider than the shoulders and chest. The thighs are usually large, but the size shrinks from the waist.
  3. The inverted triangle shape: The size of the upper part of the body is noticeably different from the lower part, that is, the chest is larger and the back is wider than the hips. It could resemble the V shape.
  4. The the rectangle shape: HE balances on the bottom and top. In general, the size of the chest and hips is small. Undefined waist.
  5. The shape Hourglass: It stands out because the shoulder and hip measurements are the same, but the waist is quite marked, making it pronounced.

Oval, round or apple shape

The important thing to dress this body is to escape from extremism: Don’t wear very tight clothes, but don’t wear them oversize either. He V-neck stylize a lot. With regard to prints, we all know that they cause an optical effect of volume.

The most flattering pants are styled Campaignin addition to straight cuts and high rise. In dresses, the line A is the perfect ally. Do not use many accessories on top, it can be very loaded.

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triangular or pear shape

The great dilemma of this type of body is the difference in sizes at the top and bottom. This causes a problem for many when it comes to finding clothes like jumpsuits, dresses, bikinis…

the pants dark and solid colors hide wide thighs as well as pants bell and skirts line A. the blouses with puff sleeves ylthe big accessories like earrings, necklaces or scarves They can help you balance your silhouette.

inverted triangle shape

A tip for this type of body is mark the waist and wear bottoms with volume. This makes your hips and legs look bigger. Like the apple shape, this silhouette suits the shape very well. V-neckline, asymmetric T-shirts and hip-length jackets.

Don’t be afraid to wear patterned pants, jeans boyfriend or flared: these elongate your legs and give it shape.

rectangle shape

The key to styling this body type is focus on the waist: Stylize it with high-waisted pants, we can even use belts: It is very important that both the pants, skirts and belts that you wear are placed at waist level so as not to cause the opposite effect to the one we want. Adjusting this part of the body and adding baggy bottoms and tops a beautiful shape is achieved.

famous as Miley Cyrus or Gigi Hadid They have this body type:

hourglass shape

In general, it is the easiest silhouette to wear. It tends to highlight the virtues: accentuate the waist with accessories and clothing that fit in that area. You have to be careful and not wear tight clothing all over your body, it is better to alternate. The belted jackets at the waist they highlight your figure. However, using many ruffles and volumes is not what favors you the most. He V-neck brings height.

Dresses tight do justice to your curves, as well as the skinny jeans, that in this season spring-winter 2023 They are trending again. If you want to know more about new trends, we leave you this article about the news that the catwalks have launched this year.

In addition, the opposite is also very good: high-waisted culotte pants, combined with a simple and fitted top, provide balance.

Remember that trends and tastes are constantly changing. These tips are not an imposition, but a small guide to guide you as to what best suits you and to help you at the time of purchase. Don’t trade your style for fashion.

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