What skin problems can heat cause?

The high temperatures that are experienced in these first days of August are devastating not only because there is more fatigue or disregard for life, but also because they cause some people to: irritation, rosacea and fungal infection. Here are some of the problems that high temperatures cause for the skin, according to dermatologists, who say heat waves create an “additional problem” for the epidermis due to “greater water loss.”

As explained by Manuel Ballesteros from the IMR clinic in Valencia, uncontrolled sun exposure can lead to rosacea or melasmaand people with hyperhidrosis or overweight tend to develop irritations and, in some cases, fungal infections.

How to prevent these pathologies?

The dermatologist warns that these diseases occur not only due to high temperatures, but also due to humidity, heat and poor hygiene. Insists that you should take care of the skin not only in summer, but also in the rest of the year and recommends good hydration, the use of sunscreen, proper drying, and the use of a mild shower gel.

According to Ballesteros, it is also useful drink at least 2 liters of water, dry yourself thoroughly to avoid moisture in areas such as English and underarms, and use creams that are free of fats and oils.

The dermatologist explained that these pathologies are of “infectious origin”, so if they are not treated properly or their treatment is delayed, they can cause chronic conditions that can causeleave functional consequences in the body, Therefore, it is necessary to urgently turn to specialists in order to prevent the occurrence of “sick sepsis”.

Sun protection is important

“Photoprotection for skin cancer prevention is the most important”, comments the dermatologist, especially in those people who suffer from “rosacea, melasma, lupus, vitiligo, or those who are exposed to the sun for work or hobbies.” Ballesteros explains that it should be used throughout the summer, especially on cloudy days, because “the UV radiation is the same as on sunny days.”

“You need to contact sunscreen at least 50 half an hour before going outsidein large amounts and periodically reapply every 2 hours or after swimming,” he warns.

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