What Stefanny Loaiza, Kimberly’s sister, suffers from, and what effects does the treatment have

For a few months now, the Mexican youtuber and performer Stefanny Loaiza has been focused on her career in music. However, suddenly things seem to have complicated to the point that she announced that she would open a new YouTube channel and that she would not be able to release music until later dates.

Time has passed, however, no change has been seen in terms of musical news by Stefanny or any agreement with a record label. However, what has generated news is the controversy over an alleged treatment that she takes to control a disease that suffers.

Regarding the situation that has become controversial on TikTok, Kimberly Loaiza’s younger sister decided to answer various questions on her new YouTube channel, about the effects of the treatment she is taking to control her condition and, incidentally, to talk about when will release music

First of all, before the question of when does your theme come out unlocked, Stefanny confessed that she wanted it to come out now. “I would like it to come out now, but there is not a day in which I say ‘this day I am going to release music’, because I don’t know, but if one day I come to power, you will be the first to know,” he said.

However, a doubt that many of his followers have is with what contraceptive care Kimberly Loaiza’s sister, which gave rise to reveal that you have a disease that keeps you under treatment. In this regard, he answered honestly while he was preparing a recipe for boneless in buffalo sauce.

This has been very controversial, because I have uploaded a lot of tiktoks talking about this, that there was nothing wrong with me taking care of it, but I really use them due to hormonal problems that I have. I have problems in my womb, so I have to undergo treatment for about three months and if it doesn’t last longer. If what I have in my womb is not eliminated, this procedure of contraceptive pills is lengthened and the net I have received like a lot of hate for talking about it, “Steff confessed.

From there, he shared more details about his condition, as well as the consequences of the treatment he has to take to treat him.

I have two cysts, well thank God I only have one now, but my cyst measures almost 6 centimeters, so they wanted to put me in the operating room to operate or was it to take the pills, so I decided to take the pills and it really did work for me, because I already eliminated one completely and this one has reduced a lot. But if I took them only for contraception, I don’t see the problem and I don’t understand the hate, “he reproached.

Regarding the symptoms she suffers from having to take contraceptives for her treatment against cysts, Stefanny highlighted that mainly swelling and anxiety.

If it has been something difficult for me, because a lot of anxiety, that does give me a lot of anxiety. I recently forgot to take one and had two of one in one day. The next day I was shaking, crying, I didn’t know what to do. I told him (to Mario) ‘cut my hair’ and I was trembling in a corner, I wanted to rip my hair out… but since they are rushed hormones they go away and in 5 minutes I was laughing and doing somersaults in bed. It is something very ugly that I have to live if I want to erase my little problem. They inflame me a lot,” explained the youtuber.

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so the content creator She has spoken about her ovarian cyst problem, which has made her have to take certain medications that create anxiety, mood swings, and inflammation. On the other hand, the video of her on her new channel could be indicative that new music could be coming, because that route of uploading clips of her life continued on her previous channel, to later launch music.

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