What was the Academy’s criteria for choosing this year’s Oscar presenters

A few days from the 95th Academy Awards Ceremonythe Academy announced the criteria used to summon each of the presenters this year and thus avoid a scandal like the one carried out in 2022 by Will Smith and Chris Rock when the latter made a joke on stage that angered the great candidate of the night who went up to hit him before the astonished gaze of those present and of the spectators who were following the gala around the world.

The main criterion for choosing this year’s presenters was that they were actors, actresses and filmmakers involved in the big productions of the year.
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Broadcast, like every year, on TNT and via streaming on HBO Max, the delivery will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and the possible appearance of former hosts of the gala such as Billy Crystal (who appeared in the teaser with which ABC introduced this year’s emcee) and Whoopi Goldberg, which would make the gala itself a return to the basics. that made the Oscar the most prestigious award.

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