“What you need is to love yourself”: Carlos Vives talks about his friend Shakira in the face of criticism for Piqué

Carlos Vivesone of the closest friends of Shakiracame out against the criticism to which the singer has been subjected.

Carlos Vives justifies acting as Shakira

Given the criticism that Shakira receives, her friend Carlos Vives defended her by saying that ” you know that what you need is to love yourselfhoney and she has been facing her situation in her style”.

The Colombian’s statements were published this Wednesday, March 1, by the Europa Press agency, who spoke with him in Madrid.

“You do it with your style of music and she does it her style with her music and in the end, nothing, it’s so difficult when it happens to one in life,” Vives defended.

It’s so strong when you have a break whether an artist or not an artist, when something collapses that you have built and believed. It happened to me and it is very difficult to even listen to advice, it is very difficult because everyone experiences that. It’s like so own,” he explained.

He mentioned that a “pain like that”, like that of his friend Shakira, “each one exorcises it in a way”.

“Me, for example, because of my style there are my spiteful songs, but she has understood it that way and has tried to overcome her style, her way,” he explained.

I want her to be happy and that everyone be happy because in the end, when something like that breaks, one wants the children to be happy, that he be happy and find out because in the end we all come to seek happiness in life”.

Carlos Vives assures that Shakira “always bills, not only now”

In other statements he made in Spain, presented by the La Sexta chain, the singer also mentioned that “what Shakira has had to live through” has not been easy because she built her life around “the relationship she had with Piqué.

when that falls apart… Holy God, you don’t want to wish it on anyone,” he said.


The press has been attentive to each movement of Shakira and Piqué since they announced their separation last June after more than 12 years of sentimental relationship. Now, Shakira was captured on the way to her house in Barcelona after taking her children to school.


The hints between the famous ex-partner continue after the end of their relationship due to an alleged infidelity of the Spanish soccer player, however, Shakira continues to ensure the well-being of her children, Sasha and Milan.

Credit: Gerard Pique Instagram


The Colombian singer is adapting to a new routine with the little ones, after reaching a mutual agreement with Gerard Piqué they were in his custody.

Credit: The Grosby Group

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After the release of her song ‘BZRP music sessions #53’, in which she vents about her breakup with Piqué, she has been seen calm and connected with the public.


In fact, in the images captured by paparazzi after leaving her children at school, the interpreter of ‘Loba’ was seen with a subtle smile for the cameras.

Credit: The Grosby Group


To fulfill her obligations as a mother, she opted for a casual look made up of a black sweater and a matching wool hat.

Credit: The Grosby Group

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The images of Shakira after leaving her children at school were captured the same day that Gerard Piqué made his relationship with Clara Chía “official” on social networks.

Credit: The Grosby Group


The snapshot of Piqué and his new 23-year-old girlfriend, with whom Shakira was allegedly unfaithful, quickly went viral and dozens of memes emerged about it.

Credit: Gerard Pique/Instagram


For her part, the singer of ‘Waka waka’ was indifferent to the publication of the retired footballer.

Credit: The Grosby Group

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Despite the fact that the photo of her ex and Clara Chía traveled the Internet, Shakira made an appearance on her Instagram account by posting that while Piqué was with her girlfriend, she spent quality time with her children.


Unlike the singer, Piqué has looked serious after the attacks he has received for the release of ‘BZRP music sessions #53’.

Credit: The Grosby Group


And Piqué has continued to see his children. A few days ago he was caught by the paparazzi going to pick up Sasha and Milan at the house that he previously shared with them and his ex.

Credit: The Grosby Group

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Shakira, 45, and Clara, 23, have been physically compared by Internet users. Some say that Gerard Piqué looked for “the same mould”.

Credit: Getty Images/The Grosby Group


Seven months have passed since Shakira and Piqué let them know about their breakup, however, the footballer and Clara Chía have already been seen together on more than one occasion.

Credit: The Grosby Group

Zuma Press/The Grosby Group


Piqué and Clara were chased by the paparazzi to get photos of them together. Now it has been the couple themselves who decided to shout their love from the four winds.

Credit: Zuma Press/The Grosby Group

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