Where Barbie Was Filmed: Pink Sets, Dream Houses, and the Beaches of Venice Beach

all in fuchsia. Having its own color in the Pantone universe (E0218A), pink barbie Floods is one of the most anticipated films of the year. At home, swimming pools, beach, roads and even town halls very loud tones dominate the feature film featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling It can already be seen in cinemas around the world.

Stereotypes, self-parody, energy and a lot of humor are mixed in Barbiewhose locations They have been designed down to the smallest detail to recreate the universe of the famous Mattel doll.

The Barbie Phenomenon

Director Greta Gerwig, Barbie now officially the most anticipated movie of the year, with permission Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan, which premiered on the same day (the network is already talking about ‘Barbieheimer’ like a dispute between two tapes at the box office, where there is no shortage of wars of numbers or memes).

Barbie’s house was re-enacted on set in the United Kingdom. Photo: Jaap Buitendijk | Warner Bros Pictures.

Robbie gives life to one of the many Barbies that live in land barbiea world of eternal bliss and fantasy in which women are in control and men, including Ken Gosling, are reduced to the role of mere accessories, at the level of skates or bags.

But Barbie, Robbie, there are others that are played Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlan or Hari Nef– not perfect enough, she travels to the real world where men dominate everything and where she comes to meet Mattel executives and the inventor of the doll herself, Ruth Handler.

A huge display of fantasy and color that gave wings ‘Barbicor’ filling Instagram and TikTok feeds typical barbie aesthetic with fuchsia-colored outfits (and many brands, including Zara, dedicate exclusive collections to her) and an increase in sales of the Mattel doll, whose sales are skyrocketing.

Where was Barbie filmed?

So while some fans are wondering if the doll was a milestone in terms of overcoming woman’s expectations of that time (it was the first doll, in the 60s, which could be a pilot, doctor, cosmonaut or lawyer) or, rather, contributed to the strengthening unattainable standards of beautythe madness of living in Barbieland is unleashed.

The whole set was created with the aspect of unreality. Photo: Warner Bros. pictures.

But where was Barbie filmed? The bad news is that fictional world earth barbie does not exist in the real world, so many scenes were filmed on set, namely in Warner Bros studios. in Leavesdennorth of Watford (UK).

The world of Barbie was reproduced there, including her Dream House (Dream House), invented by the production designer of the film, Sarah Greenwoodand stage decorator Cathy Spencer.

Inspired original toys (The first thing Greenwood and Spencer did was buy Mattel Dreamhouse on Amazon) mansion without walls and doors even reproduces the scale at which it was designed, 23% less what would be a real person’s home.

“It has a strange effect: the actors look big in space, but overall small,” the director explained. Architectural Digest.

Barbie Country. Photo: Warner Bros. pictures.

As a result three-story house in bright colors (especially fuchsia) with slide which spirals down until it ends in a kidney-shaped pool, elevator match with wardrobe wardrobe which reproduces the toy boxes that sell Barbie dresses.

The bedroom has a headboard made of shells and sequin bedspreadand in the living room you can see the Tulipán chairs by Philippe Starck.

Barbie Route

Although you can’t visit Barbie’s house in the studios, you can visit one of the real places that inspired her is in palm springsIn California.

The architecture of Palm Springs was the inspiration for Barbie Land. Photo: Finn | Remove splashes.

Mecca of design and architecture of the mid-20th century, the city stood out for its current of modernism with buildings Albert Frey, William Cody, E. Stuart Williams or Richard Neutra characterized by clear lines, geometric shapes and minimalist decor.

Some of his buildings, for example Kaufman House since 1946 by Richard Neutra, was the inspiration for the creation of Barbie Land.

also real Location of Venice Beachdepicted in the film and where they appear on skates, perfectly matched in their outfits, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

Barbie and Ken on Venice Beach (California). Photo: Warner Bros. pictures.

Located in Angels, Venice Beach is a bohemian neighborhood with exclusive commercial and residential areas. Its waterfront is a real sight: guitarists on skates, street vendors, jugglers, street musicians, jocks or basketball players.

How to enter the world of Barbie

And although it was not filmed here, it has a Barbie Dream House. Malibualso in California. In fact, Airbnb launched a campaign by taking advantage of a movie premiere to offer it during only two nights free.

Barbie house in Malibu. Photo: Hogwash Studios | Airbnb.

WITH Ken as host and an assortment of roses as its hallmark, the mansion – in this case on a human scale – is inspired by the iconic toy house with infinity pool, changing rooms, lounges and even yellow and pink skates and surfboards.

She’s not the only one who has succumbed to Barbeamania. Official Barbie cafes have popped up in New York and Chicago, and these days a modified Mattel van is touring the United States as part of the Barbie Truck Tour, selling products from a special collection created for the film.

In addition, you can experience Barbie at various venues around the world such as the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, which has a fully themed room of the famous doll and includes well-stocked wardrobe of outfits, accessories and wigs to fully enter the image, as well as instagram angles.

He too W Mexico City Hotelfrom Marriott, which opened a temporary cafeteria called “It’s Barbie World” (sold through Fever) with Barbie-inspired dishes in fully immersive environment.

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