Who is Chechito, the bad Peruvian chicha bunny who is breaking it on TikTok along with Cómplices de la cumbia?

Who is this handsome young man who conquered the girls with his melodious voice?

Who is this handsome young man who conquered the girls with his melodious voice?

New revelation! tik tak It is a platform where millions of people quickly went viral due to their work, study, talent and other qualities.

On this occasion there is a young man named Chechito who captivates women with his great singing talent. In the same way, there are those who admitted that thanks to him they now like the Peruvian chicha and cumbia. Where did you study and what is your real name? In the following lines we tell you.

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Who is Chechito, the bad bunny of Peruvian chicha?

Chechito He is a young singer who is currently in the group.”accomplices of Cambia“. your real name Sergio Romero and, according to his official Facebook account, currently lives in the area of ​​San Juan de Lurigancho.

He studied at the Instituto Superior Cibertec and loves football. However, fortunately for his fans, single musician.

This musical orchestra is also causing a big splash on social media with its songs such as “Muchacha is insidious”, “Love is blind”, “I’m waiting for you in heaven”, “I’m thinking of you”, among others, which are performed by Chechito.

He also has over 37,000 followers on TikTok. His family and friends are happy for the big step that Sergio Romero gives in his musical career.

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What do you think about Chechito on social media?

On his official account Chechito He shares videos of his performances with the band “Cómplices de la cumbia” in different parts of Lima, and netizens, especially women, are captivated by his melodious voice.

Similarly, they assure that she is a new discovery of Peruvian chicha, because at her young age she is gradually gaining more and more followers in her musical career.

“Handsome”, “I like chicha”, “I want his instagram”, “What a beautiful voice, I already liked chicha”, “What a good voice”, “I was surprised by his voice, different from rest, he has a good future”, “ What a beautiful voice, I don’t like Chicha, but I’m here”, “I liked her voice”, “You are love”, “Now we are all TEAM Chicha”, “I like it,” each video says Chechito.

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