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Surely you have moved through the TikTok platform and have come across a video that includes the audio of Bad decisions background. Its interpreter and creator is Kenia OS, a Mexican artist who already has an extensive musical discography.

At just 23 years old, Kenia Guadalupe Flores Osuna has conquered millions of people with her talent. But the truth is that his beginnings in fame are not found in music, but on YouTube. He started sharing his vlogs on this video platform in 2015 and joined a group of youtubers, including Kimberly Loaiza.. But it seems that things did not end very well and both staged a great controversy.

Kenya continued her career on YouTube until February 2021, which was when she announced that she would continue to be “semi-active” on the platform. Meanwhile, the Mexican was showing her followers her musical talent. In 2018 she published Foreverfollowed by his first EP Live (Acoustic) in 2019. He has also released his albums moon changes and K23 in the year 2022 and after their EPs Songs For My Ex, Vol. 1 and Live From Blackwood Studio.

Kenya OS’s talent reached the ears of Sony Music Mexico, who did not hesitate to sign her to his company and thus be able to expand her music even further. So much so that his theme Toketeo it has received a gold record for selling more than 70,000 copies.

This 2022 has brought great joy to our protagonist. Your already mentioned topic Bad decisionsincluded in your disc K23has taken the world by storm. On TikTok, more than 543,000 videos have been created with this song and on YouTube it brings together more than 16 million and on Spotify, more than 42 million.

But the talent of our protagonist goes even further. And we have seen it in the Disney + program connect and singas well as Bake Off Celebrity, the great pastry chef: Mexico, aired on HBO Max. In addition, it has a clothing line (Kenia Os Shop) and a cosmetics line (Kenia Os Beauty).

And you, did you already know Kenya OS? How many times have you heard Bad Decisions?

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