Who is Patricia Donoso: the reason why Telecinco wants the contestant who leaves Survivors

Who is Patricia Donoso: the reason why Telecinco wants the contestant who leaves SurvivorsTelecinco

“Survivors” is, without a doubt, the most important “reality” for Telecinco. In recent years, the adventures of celebrities in Honduras have always been at the top of the audience charts.

In this year’s edition, which premiered on February 2, there are slight changes compared to previous editions. One of them is the presence of Laura Madrueño on the island, after eight editions with Lara Álvarez at “the foot of the sand”.

In addition, there are also two more participants than in previous editions. The cast of this edition is made up of: Adara Molinero, Alma Bollo, Arelys Ramos, Artùr Dainese, Asraf Beno, Bocso Blach Martínez-Bordiú, Diego Pérez, Gema Aldón, Ginés Corregüela, Jaime Nava, Jonan Wiergo, Katerina Safarova, Manuel Cortés, Patricia DonosaRaquel Arias, Raque Mosquera and Sergio Garrido.

Patricia Donoso wanted to leave after 24 hours to start ‘Survivors 2023’. Since then, there have been several threats of abandonment of the contestant, which even undermined the spirits of her companions. After a week, Patricia Donoso has decided to leave the contest permanently despite Jorge Javier Vázquez’s attempts to get him to stay.

But who really is Patricia Donoso?

Patricia Donoso is a millionaire lawyer, criminologist and clinical psychologist (according to his Instagram profile). Her real name is Jessica Erika Patricia Montoya García, and she is from Seville (Colombia). At the moment, her husband is the former adviser to Donald Trump and tycoon, Sir Charles Ioas II. These two met and they fell in love on a flight to switzerland, since they were sitting in the same row. It was not long after that Charles proposed to Patricia on a date, and soon after they got married in vegas. The former survivor had several husbands prior to Charles. The first is anonymous since she has never spoken about him and they were barely together for a year. Her second husband was Julián Donoso, -hence his last name- a man who is dedicated to the world of agriculture and business in Ciudad Real.

Patricia Donoso rose to fame in 2013 due to her appearance on the program ‘Hijos de Papá’ -presented by Luján Argüelles-. She was accompanied to this reality show by her second husband, and it was there that she confessed that he really liked interacting with doctors, surgeons or businessmen because they are rich people. 10 years passed until Patricia reappeared on the small screen, but this time she reappeared as the supposed lawyer and lover of the bullfighter José Ortega Cano.

Patricia has boasted on several occasions of the high standard of living, arguing that she had various houses in Los Angeles, New York and Switzerland (In the latter he had the Infanta Cristina as a neighbor, whom he defines as ‘maja’). Her contacts have led her to meet her great idol paris hilton, and it is that the lawyer claims to have friends in Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian with whom she worked. The opportunity to meet Paris Hilton arose when she organized a party in honor of the reality show ‘Hijos de Papá’, which had Patricia as her guest.

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