Who is the person who has been very close to Lionel Messi lately?

The bodyguard of Lionel Messi has been seen wherever the Argentine has appeared, even when he plays, he remains on the edge of the field.

Yasin Chuki is a bodyguard Lionel Messi it follows him everywhere, he even stays in the center lane of any court when Rosario plays in the United States.

He has been responsible for the safety of the player and his family since his arrival in the US, hired by David Beckham.


He served in the US Army and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He devoted himself to mixed martial arts. He is a teacher of boxing and taekwondo, these disciplines are exhibited on social networks.

In the games he played Lionel Messi In the American Inter Miami, a bodyguard appeared on the scene, for example, when a fan entered the field to try to get close to his idol, a moment that was interrupted by Yasin, who stopped him a few meters before.


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